Are You an Old Soul or a New Soul? by Psychic April

Published Date 3/27/2014
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Embrace who you truly are.

Have you ever wondered, "What kind of career do I want?" or "What would I be good at?" Were you put here for a reason that you can’t seem to figure out?

Everyone gets to this point at one time or another. Some people know at a very early age what they want to do in life. I like to call these people old souls. You can usually spot an old soul by they're eyes. It's like they understand you and can relate to you—they know what you’re going through. Usually old souls are in the limelight but this isn’t always true. 

Many old souls are social workers, teachers, coaches, and mentors. The perfect example of an old soul in the limelight would be a very famous female former talk show host or a very famous child star we recently lost. Old souls love to help people, make them happy, and genuinely care. 

New souls look to old souls for guidance so they can learn the proper way of life. New souls have more of a genuine vulnerability about them so they take a little longer to figure things out. But that's how they eventually become old souls. You’re not stuck as one or the other for your entire life.

Both types are great in their own way. Without one, the other would seem boring! The world needs this balance of new and old souls to maintain equilibrium. Not sure where you fit into the mix? Give me a call and we’ll figure it out!
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