Animal Omens That Bring Divine Messages From the Universe

Published Date 9/6/2020
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Have you seen an animal recently? Learn what different messages the universe may be sending through animals.

Animals are closer to nature than we are, so the universe often uses them to convey special signs we may not necessarily be looking for. Here's a list of common animal omens and what their sighting means.


If you see an owl, it means something big is coming in your life. It may not be clear whether this is a good or bad change, but it's sure to be life-changing. It also may be a validation that you have strong magic within you and that you should use caution as to how you use your energy.


Snakes symbolize wisdom, power, and the magic of nature. While many individuals associate snakes with evil, they are actually an early symbol of regeneration and renewal — especially if the snake you see is shedding its skin.


If you see a deer, it is a clear sign that the universe knows what you are going through and believes you can handle your problems. Because deer keep their heads up during hunting season, seeing a deer is a sign to keep your chin up even when life is getting you down. It may mean that you are more equipped than you think to handle your problems. Like a deer, you are a warrior of life.


Cats are very sensitive to magic and spirituality, so if a cat suddenly starts acting differently around you, take it as a sign that you are on your way to discovering new spiritual powers within. A white cat may offer a sign of romance, while an orange cat signifies spiritual awareness. Seeing a black cat is not necessarily bad, either. This just means your luck is changing for the better or worse.


Because wolves are one of the most notorious pack animals, take seeing a wolf as a symbol of your bonds and relationships with others. While it could mean you should work on strengthening your family and friendship bonds, it could also mean that you should break away from the pack a little and take some time to learn about yourself as an individual.


Crows show the importance of truth. This could mean a truth will be revealed to you, or you may need to reveal a truth to others. While people often fear crows as bringers of bad fortune in regard to life and death, this is rarely the case. Seeing them may indicate that you're moving on from an unhealthy relationship or experiencing a spiritual rebirth.


Foxes are cunning and smart, so seeing one may indicate that you need to find a different perspective in your life to move forward. Be aware of your instincts and your senses, as a fox encourages you to tackle any obstacles with a clear mind and spirit so you can grow.

The Universe speaks in the language of signs and symbols. To learn more, this infographic about Signs From The Universe can help you decode their messages.  If you're getting animal signs from the universe and need clarity, consider looking into psychic readings by phone. Or, you can live chat with one of our online psychics.


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Lisa1957: Animal signs truly was helpful. Thank you for sharing.

Lisa1957: Animal signs truly was helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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