Accepting a New Life Direction

Published Date 7/4/2012
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Sometimes things have to come apart like puzzle pieces before they can be put back together.

Sometimes things have to come apart like puzzle pieces before they can be put back together.  Free will is a wonderful thing but it can require a little guidance. If you get off track, the Universe will work a path for you. This guidance can catapult life in a different direction than before.  It can feel like the world is falling apart. In reality, when this type of change is set into place, life is about to organize itself into harmony.


If life’s puzzle pieces do not make sense, then the Angels have opened up an opportunity for self-discovery. This point becomes clear when everything around you is re-adjusted. This form of dramatic guidance can be a sign that your manifestation goals are working! Is what you want for your life different from what your life is like now? When life is in upheaval, the way to survive it is to realize that you are headed toward a result. Look for the life lesson. Find the positive message in the situation, and work on the puzzle. Focus on the pieces of healing rather than dwelling on the brokenness of the past.


You may not see the direction yet, but it is there.  Do not lose sight of the fact that the Universe has a direction for you.  Be watchful, and stay positive in the situation. When things feel confusing, it's time to celebrate! This means that change is on its way to you. Because of free will, the path can travel in the direction you set. Therefore, be watchful of your goals. If you lose sight of your goals, you will change the intention and then the process becomes the result. Follow life's positive messages from your journey's lessons, for they are a map to manifesting your dreams.


May you find lots of love and light on your heart's journey!

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