A Reflection of Our Society's Future by Psychic Dharma

Published Date 4/17/2013

Do you ever wonder if things are looking up for our future?

Do you ever wonder if things are looking up for our future?

I had a client ask a very heavy philosophical question-- if I thought things were going to continue to be "bad" in terms of crime, gun control and the economy.

I reflected on this and found myself thinking about "the good old days." You know, the Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best and The Donna Reed world view of things post WW2. The dream that everyone gets what is fair and right. The house, the security, the family.

I was born in 1959 as a Pisces, so I’ve always been a dreamer; to answer this woman's question in a negative way isn’t my style. Thinking about this, I realized human nature has been true to form for years upon years since the dawn of time.

Juvenal, the ancient Roman satirist, wrote about insurance fraud, crimes against man in scathing terms we can relate to today. Juvenal brilliantly ruminated on and denounced Roman society, and the dangers and discomforts of city life.

Jonathan Swift did a pretty good job of dividing the masses in his day too. In his Juvenalian satirical essay, A Modest Proposal, he brings a heartless attitudes towards the poor, reminding us how judgmental people are today.

As a Pisces, injustice stings me deeply and I feel the pain of others in an emotional and even physical way. When I answered this question, a flood of emotions came over me. As I reflected, I told her my honest feelings. I told her 9/11 and the crash of 2008 changed things forever. People are scared now in a way I‘ve never seen. There is now a sense of unease, and unhappiness that is almost palatable. It saddens me deeply.

In more recent years, Lydon B. Johnson began his war on poverty. We are no where near ending that war. But when I turned to the cards to give her an answer from my guides, it was hopeful. I told her that her children's generation is going to begin with a clean slate.

I saw hope and promise in my reading that not only uplifted her, but myself as well. I saw a more enlightened society with more knowledge and sense than previous ones. I pulled many Wand cards for her question, which represent emotions, new beginnings, brightness and hope. I immediately thought that could relate to global warming and hope for the environment.

I also pulled many Cup cards, which are symbolic of love. What a great card to pull for the future. Love on a global level. This reading left me at peace and very composed. It is rare to get that kind of question in a reading. But I am so happy I did today.

We are headed down a different, less selfish path in the upcoming years. I know I always search for the truth and want what is right for people undergoing plight. Maybe like John Lennon, we can all Imagine.


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