A Nature Deficient Society Psychic Mindi Honors Earth Day

Published Date 4/22/2011
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

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earth We are a nature deficient society. Where do we go on vacations? Do we hope to get to a city and never sightsee and to stay indoors? Hardly! Almost every vacation has an element of nature and outdoors. From sight-seeing to visiting a beach, the mountains or even day trips to a park, we seek nature naturally. We get relaxed, feel more at ease, clear our minds. Celestially and magnetically, we are balancing with the earth. It is proven that people heal quicker if they can get outside or near an open window. There are even studies that having a photograph of nature helps people to heal better than no photo of nature near them. Nature; our entire earth, is powerful. This power is not just a landscape but bigger than we think; it is the universe above us and below us. The celestial and magnetic pulls of the earth, all science based.  We think of energy as esoteric but it is simply science. You can connect more to your own inner source by embracing the earth, and you can connect more to others and the world, by embracing the energy the earth provides. We are right now, often nature deficient but it doesn’t have to be that way. This earth day, we need to commit to not waiting for vacations, but connect to mother earth not only for ourselves right now, by simply adding 5 or 10 minutes of your day to the outdoors, but to also be better fit into the energy of life. Taking away a nature deficit will increase your energy and intuitiveness. How will you spend Earth Day?

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