6 Things You Should Know About Your Third Eye

Published Date 8/28/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

Your third eye can tell you so much

Your third eye is the window to your personal and spiritual potential, but it can also tell you so much more. Here are six things you should know about the third eye.

Your Third Eye May Have Been a Real Eye

Your pineal gland, the technical name for your third eye, is the recipient of light and other sensations from your retina. What’s now just gland was likely a real eye for your ancestors thousands of years ago, though. Some animals still have three eyes that can receive light, possibly suggesting the way humans once looked and functioned. For more insight into how your third eye once functioned, past life readings can be truly illuminating.

Your Third Eye Can Help You Achieve a Sixth Sense

Most people fully use their five senses, but not everyone has mastered his or her sixth sense. Once you’ve opened your third eye, though, you’ll be able to use it as an intuitive sense. In a way, your third eye serves as a master sense organ, where your five senses and your brain combine to feel more powerful sensations. You can use this super sense to act appropriately on intuitions and make the right decisions about your feelings.

Your Third Eye Can Help You See Auras

Auras surround every person, from young to old. Many people haven’t developed the ability to see auras, so they remain invisible to most. Use your third eye to see them, and you’ll be able to intuit so much more about a person when you can sense his energy and the colors of her aura. A tarot reading can help you understand how people with attractive or repulsive auras can fit into your life.

The Third Eye Isn’t Necessarily Bad

Despite a reputation for being evil or dangerous, the third eye isn’t necessarily a negative force. One reason for this false impression is that the third eye can lead to knowledge and understanding that you may not have otherwise. If you’re not prepared for certain revelations, you might look on the third eye as being bad. If you’re prepared for some surprising new information, though, you’ll understand why your third eye is a positive force.

Third Eye Impressions Aren’t Just Visions

For some people, visions remain empty concepts that they never act upon. The information that you intuit from your third eye doesn’t have to remain just that, though. You can take the information you glean from your visions to turn them into realities that others can see, too. With enough compulsion, you can make your third eye visions into reality.

You Can Close Your Third Eye

Sometimes the information and visions that you receive from your third eye can be overwhelming. Closing your third eye is as simple as not listening to your intuitions and not sensing deeper meanings in most things in life. Though closing your third eye is certainly an option, instead, learn to channel your intuitions into positive actions that benefit you and those around you.

For centuries, the third eye has provided untold sensations and intuitions. Learn to harness the power of your third eye, and you’ll perceive so much more around you.


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