6 Spiritual Resolutions to Commit to in 2016 by Psychic Levana

Published Date 1/9/2016
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What have you resolved to do this year?

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The miracle is always in the moment. And no greater moment stands testament to this than the first breath of a New Year. No matter what the weeks before brought upon us, no matter how exhausted and shaky our weary bodies may be, somehow once again we find the urge and strength to rise and start anew. Somehow we once again discover and acquaint ourselves with our long forgotten brethren- hope, faith, purpose and belief.

More than just a point on the matrix of time, the onset of a New Year thus stands as an unflinching beacon, one that guides us out of the trials of the year past and propels us into those that lie ahead. As we collect ourselves to dive into the New Year, we reboot and realign. We take stock of our thoughts, feelings, intentions and actions, looking to step up and prevail through new efforts and approaches.

And therefore lies the miracle in this moment. For this is a moment when we may finally conquer all that has so far only challenged us, boosted by the promise of another chance and wizened by introspection and experience.

A New Year Means New Promises
Resolutions are a vital ingredient in this New Year's toolkit. A promise to our own self, resolutions help unlock the potential held within and without us. Sure, we may not always succeed at going the distance with every resolution we make, but when turning things around every little step counts! Therefore your resolution for the New Year, no matter how successful, could very well determine the reality you paint in the weeks that follow.

Six Must Have New Year’s Resolutions  
Each of these work from the inside out to positively change and enhance not only your approach to the challenges before you, but also your experience of and response to it.

1. This year I will remember the best of me and the best of another. Always. 
Anchoring in the light you, or another, holds and protects you from being overwhelmed by the challenges or emotions a particular moment or experience may present. Remember, we are all learning to master our shadow; this is a gradual process and sometimes we hit rough spots along the way. Yet these points reflect only minute facets of our being and path. There is always so much more to us.

2. In 2016, I will trust my own intuition. 
Isn't it time we all stopped kicking our self for not listening to that wise, inner voice? Yes, our brain seems to know it all, but maybe it is finally time to start paying attention. This year, take a moment to pause and consult your inner guides before you choose or act.

3. At no point this year will I use fear as an excuse.
It’s much too common to shy away from our dreams, passions and challenges, simply out of fear. No matter what you fear, do not let it stand this year between your goals and you. Instead, in 2016 embrace and accept your fears, and let your efforts silence them in due time.

4. I commit to focusing on what is working, instead of bemoaning what isn't.
Life is often a mixed bag. Some things work, some just refuse to. We often tend to focus so much on correcting what isn't, that we forget to enjoy what is. Worse, we feel trapped by the difficulties we face and the thoughts and feelings that surround them. Time to change that. This year, commit to stay positive by acknowledging the gifts each moment presents, even the hardest of moments.

5. I will learn to listen better. 
How much do you really listen? Are you aware of what life is trying to tell you, or what is being said in the silence of another? So much insight lies in unsaid communications yet we usually sleepwalk our way through them. We are often far more interested in the “doing” than the “being.” This year, to better inform and empower yourself, make a promise to listen- a promise to observe and acknowledge.

6. This is a year of active responsibility and conscious choices. 
We manifest our realities but it is often easy to feel helpless and victimized by them. For 2016, let us try and not forget that no matter what the hand dealt to us, we always have the power to choose our next step. This step could be an action, an intention or simply a feeling, but it is always within our power to choose our response and change the face of the reality yet to come.

"Though your destination is not yet clear
You can trust the promise of this opening;
Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning
This is at one with your life’s desire."
--John O' Donahue

Happy New Year! 

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