5 Things You May Experience After You Awaken Your Third Eye

Published Date 5/16/2015
Category: Life, Destiny & Meaning

An awakened third eye lets you see beyond sight and experience new dimensions

Awakening your third eye can lead to powerful experiences and enhance your psychic and spiritual abilities. You'll start having unusual experiences, especially with your vision or when you're about to relax and sleep. Here are some of the things you can expect to happen once you open your third eye.

Strong Vibrations

The experiences you have after opening your third eye may scare you. There are many ways to deal with this, though. For instance, you may feel very strong vibrations in your body, which can frighten you if you've never experienced this before. Just stay calm and allow the vibrations to overtake you, and they will usually pass. You may see with your third eye during these vibrations, as you catch a glimpse of other dimensions.

Vivid, Frequent Dreams

Awakening your third eye often leads to psychic awakening. Psychic readers can help guide you through this experience, letting you know what to expect and how to deal with what you experience. Vivid or frequent dreaming often goes hand-in-hand with an open third eye. When you sleep, you have no resistance to receiving intuitive information. Also, as you open your third eye, it gets easier to reach new levels of consciousness.

Heightened Sensitivities

An awakened and highly functioning third eye improves your psychic abilities and spiritual awareness drastically. At first, you may realize your hearing is better than normal or that you see bits of light or something in the corner of your eye. These sensations mean your psychic senses are strengthening. It's part of a normal process of awakening. You may experience feelings or knowing things, known as claircognizance, have visions, known as clairvoyance, and hear things that aren't there to hear, known as clairaudience.

Energy Sensitivity

Along with heightened senses, you'll also become attuned to others' energies. After you awaken your third eye, you'll start picking up the energies that others offer, both good and bad. Picking up on good energies will affect you positively. However, you'll likely feel the effects of bad energies, too. Spiritual people often feel drained after spending time in crowded places since there are too many bad energies there. If an angry person looks in your direction, you may feel the effects. Having a chat with a psychic online can help you learn to cope with receiving these energies all the time.

Desire to Learn and Grow

Almost everyone who undergoes an awakening comes through wanting to learn more. Opening up means moving on from your old self. At the same time, an awakening will allow you to remember the power of your soul subconsciously. Doing so will make you want to read everything possible about your new experiences so you can learn as much as you can and go down a more spiritual path.

Awakening your third eye will lead to enhanced abilities in many spiritual realms. Though some of the experiences can feel frightening or negative at first, learning to deal with what happens with an awakened third eye will let you open up to the spiritual growth and possibilities this awakening allows.


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