5 Eye-Opening Truths Tori Spelling Admits About Spirituality

Published Date 11/16/2016
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"If you're skeptical of anything you're already half closed" - Tori Spelling on Psychic Readings.

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As most of you know by now, Ms. Spelling is not shy about her love of psychics. So one would think she must be a super spiritual guru, contacting the other side and praying to her angels and guides daily, right? Not quite. Tori admits that she still has a lot to learn when it comes to the spiritual world and that partnering with Psychic Source has opened her mind and spirit more than she’d imagined.  
During our most recent interview (thanks to the expecting mother for taking time out of her insane schedule to chat with me yet again) I learned that Tori’s take on spirituality might be a little, well, different than you’d expect. Here are a few of her not-so-obvious discoveries, tidbits of advice, and eye-opening moments that might make you rethink your beliefs on spirituality. 
1. If you keep trying to contact a lost loved one to no avail, you could be setting yourself up for disappointment.   
That’s not to say your loved ones will never come through! But Tori’s a firm believer that everything falls into place when it’s meant to: “When it’s something you’re asking for, they often don’t come. It’s not on your time, it’s on their time.” However, her father has paid her a few surprise visits, both in a reading and in person when she least expected it. When she was in the hospital with complications during her fourth pregnancy, she remembers lying in the hospital bed looking for a sign of hope. All of the sudden, she could smell the exact smoke that her dad would smoke in his pipe. “To me,” Tori explains, “that was a sign that everything will be OK—like someone present is giving you a hug.” She’s had a similar experience multiple times and discovered that her brother had smelled the same smoke in his child’s room; “No smoking in here dad,” Tori joked. 
While Tori’s not a huge fan of pursuing the deceased actively, she did mention that Psychic Bridgette told her something eye-opening (quite literally). Her dad would always say “your eyes are the windows to your soul” and would fondly talk about her big brown eyes. Tori was shocked to find that Bridgette was receiving messages in the form of comments about her eyes. It was the first time a psychic had ever brought up anything that specific about her father! 
If you’re trying to reach a lost loved one, Tori recommends that you be patient. He or she will contact you when the timing is right. Even if you work with a medium and nothing comes through the first—or even fourth—time, don’t be discouraged. 
2. Angels and spirit guides are around you even if you don’t see, hear or sense them. 
During multiple readings, including her most recent with Seraphina, Tori was told that not only are her angels and guides around her, but that they have very specific messages for her. Without knowing how to contact them herself, Tori was intrigued to hear what they had to say. “I liked it so much better because it was SO much more specific than regular readings. She [Seraphina] literally would say ‘they want you to burn this kind of oil in this child’s room because she’s not sleeping.’ For someone like me who’s gotten generic readings before I partnered with Psychic Source, things like that meant a lot to me—to have specific things to grasp.” 
The only issue here is that Tori’s not sure how to contact her guides and angels without the help of a psychic, which many of us can relate to. It was an absolute learning experience for the star who, in turn, has gained so much appreciation for this form of communication. Before chatting with Seraphina, Tori didn’t realize the importance of being open and specific when asking your angels and guides for what you want and need. 
3. You are limiting your spiritual growth by only talking to one type of psychic. 
This one’s pretty obvious to avid Psychic Source customers but maybe not to someone who’s only had in-person readings. The more Tori uses our service, the more reading types she’s discovering. “Before joining Psychic Source, I had no idea how many specific readings you could get. I just thought you go to a psychic and they do readings. I had no idea. I would always say I love psychics but I didn’t know there were so many options. It’s pretty cool if you’re willing to do the work and delve deep,” Tori explained.  
Needless to say, after our conversation she was excited to try her first angel card reading, as well as get to know a few more spiritual psychics who could help her develop her own abilities. Through her recent experiences, she’s realized the importance of working on her own intuition and psychic abilities. 
4. Children actually are more susceptible to the spirit world. 
Interestingly, Tori and Dean’s daughter Hattie is no exception to this. During her last reading with Seraphina, Tori was told that Hattie “sees things” including guides and spirits who communicate with her. And to top it off, Seraphina completely nailed one of Hattie’s most amazing features—her healing hands. Whenever Tori’s upset, Hattie uses her hands to provide a “healing touch.” Seraphina—never having known this—pointed out that Hattie will continuously use her hands to help and heal throughout her life, even making this a career. 
Tori was blown away: “That reading really opened my mind about children and spirits. Of course it’s not just in the movies that kids are open to spirits. I believe that because they’re so honest and young. They don’t have that hardened, closed-off, protective wall that adults have—they’re so free.” 
5. Psychic advice is like therapy—if you don’t apply it, it’s not going to work! 
When I asked Tori what advice she’d give to those trying to get more in touch with their spiritual side, she humbly told me she’s still working on this herself. The biggest thing she said she’s learned is that “you’ve got to listen and actually DO it.” The first step is being open, she explains, “If you’re skeptical of anything you’re already half closed, so I don’t think you’re going to get anything out of it.” In other words, allow yourself to listen and accept the information you’re provided during your reading. Try to shut out any negative thoughts. 
Tori elaborates, “They’ve done their side and communicated what you need to know. Your guides have come, been open to them, and delivered these messages. And it’s like, if you’re not going to take it, well there ya’ go.” She also likens psychic readings to therapy sessions, in that they tell you what you need to work on but you’ve got to be the one to make it happen. 
Ms. Spellings most important message from our interview is: You’ve got to follow through! Without taking action you’ll never move forward and grow. 

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