5 Bedtime Rituals to Enhance Psychic Dreams

Published Date 11/5/2019
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Performing a few simple rituals before bed can help you achieve more meaningful dreams.

Performing a few simple rituals before bed can help you achieve more meaningful dreams.

In your sleeping state, your mind is often open to messages that you miss when you're awake. During the daytime, it's easy to get distracted by all the input you're receiving from the world around you. Asleep, communications from other planes or spiritual levels may have an easier time coming through. You may even learn how to dream to help you find lost or missing items in your life. If you're interested in encouraging psychic dreams, there are several things you can add to your nighttime ritual to make these more likely and more significant.

1. Set Specific Intentions

Your intentions are critical if you're hoping to receive a psychic message. Use a mantra, poem, or prayer to communicate your desires to the divine. Let the universe know that you're looking for psychic communications in your dreams by stating this message aloud before you go to bed. This will set the wheels in motion for any guides that are interested in contacting you while getting your own mind in the proper state for psychic dreaming as well.

2. Drink a Dream Tea

There are several herbal remedies that can enhance your intuition and increase the chance of having significant psychic dreams. Mugwort, chamomile, lavender, calea zachatechichi, and valerian root are common choices. Try sipping one of these soothing blends before bed to encourage psychic messages in your dream state.

3. Use a Dream Pillow

If you don't enjoy tea, the same herbs that you might drink to enhance your psychic dreams can also be used in a fragrant dream pillow. Fill a sachet with these ingredients and sew it into a small pillow that you can keep beside you as you sleep. Inhaling the scent from the pillow can help you get into the appropriate state of mind for psychic dreams.

4. Clear Your Mind

Mental clutter can get in the way of a clear and meaningful psychic experience. If you have a lot on your mind, pour it into a journal before bed or call a psychic line to unburden yourself. Let go of the worries and stressors that have plagued you during the day and go to bed with a clear mind. Evening meditation may help as well, so you have a clean slate awaiting any important psychic messages.

5. Keep a Dream Journal

A dream journal is essential if you're hoping to receive important messages as you're sleeping. Place this beside your bed so you can record your dreams as soon as you wake. As part of your before-bed ritual, review some of your previous entries. This can help you pick up where you left off or get more clarification on a message. An authentic psychic can help you better understand what you've recorded in your dream journal as well.

With practice, you may find that you can slip into a peaceful and open psychic dream state easily. Make your ritual a regular routine so you become more familiar with the mindset that's most effective for having psychic dreams.


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