5 Animals That Bring Good Omens

Date 4/26/2018

Rabbits bring good luck

Rabbits bring good luck

Omens are signs that foretell a good or bad event. However, many misinterpret omens as bringing bad luck only. Psychics recognize that certain animals are a sign of a good omen. If the following animals cross your path, know that something good is likely to happen. 


The spunky rabbit is commonly associated with good luck — and it's not just their foot that's considered lucky. Rabbits are one of the fastest-breeding mammals on the planet and, as such, symbolize abundance, fertility, and longevity. Rabbits are spontaneous and furiously energetic, especially in springtime — a time of rebirth. Therefore, seeing a rabbit can mean new opportunities that should be seized quickly. If a rabbit hops into your dreams, chat to a dream interpreter to find out what it means for you specifically, as rabbits symbolize many things. 


A fear of snakes is the second most common phobia in the world. Superstitious people believe snakes are a bad omen. In the Bible, Satan was represented as a serpent — and many to this day connect snakes with evil. Snakes, however, should be seen as a good omen. Because the snake slithers along the ground, it is seen as a symbol of Mother Earth and nature. Snakes also shed their skin, a symbol of renewal. Seeing one forewarns that changes and transformation lie ahead in your life.


In Greek mythology, the deer is the beloved animal of Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting. Deer are enchanting forest creatures and are considered sacred in many cultures. They are calm, graceful, and gentle. When you encounter a deer and their soulful gaze meets yours, it is a reminder to be gentle with yourself. Because a deer's antlers fall off and grow back, they symbolize regeneration. This could signify new growth and perceptions in your life. 


The frog's fairytale connotation of being a prince in disguise may come from its long history as a creature that brings luck. The frog is seen as a good omen in many countries, including Egypt, Japan, and Panama. Because frogs lay numerous eggs, they too symbolize fertility and abundance. It is often believed that a woman will more easily become pregnant if a frog crosses her path. In communities that rely on agriculture, frogs are believed to bring prosperity because they are associated with rain and water. 


Crickets are usually viewed as household pests. For light sleepers, their loud, incessant chirping guarantees a sleepless night. However, the humble house cricket is happily welcomed in many Asian countries, where they come from originally. The Chinese believe crickets bring good fortune. Centuries ago in Europe, the cricket was also welcomed in the kitchen because it was believed to bring good luck and riches. Many also found the chirping cheerful. Charles Dickens said, "To have a cricket on the hearth is the luckiest thing in the world!"

Throughout history, animals have held a magical and mystical allure in folklore, spiritualism, and mythology. Once you understand the good omens some bring, it can be reassuring when one pays you a visit.


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