4 Most Common Spiritual Awakening Signs and Symbols

Published Date 9/12/2021

As you embark on your own spiritual awakening, you may see signs and symbols

As you embark on your own spiritual awakening, you may see signs and symbols

At some point in your life, you may have wondered about who you are and the purpose of your existence. As you ponder from where you came from, this may represent the first step in a spiritual awakening journey that can last for the rest of your life. Perhaps you're feeling something stirring inside of you, causing you to wonder what these feelings may mean. These symbols and signs can indicate the start of a spiritual awakening, which can become a meaningful and important journey in your life.

Noticing Patterns

In any journey, the first step is often a small one. In a spiritual journey, the first small step can happen as you start to notice patterns or recurrences in your life. For example, you could see a symbol frequently, such as a certain number, a rainbow, a triangle or pyramid, or a specific animal. These signs and symbols can awaken your spirit as you look for the patterns and try to figure out what they represent and mean. An online psychic reading may be able to help you determine why these symbols are popping up in your life and what they mean.


As you start to spiritually awaken, you may be overwhelmed by a desire to purge your life of that which is unhealthy or no longer serving you. You may choose to stop using alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, or other substances that may not be healthy for your body. Another way that you might purge is by removing toxic people from your life or changing jobs to get out of a negative situation. You might feel emotions more strongly, going from crying to laughing in a matter of moments. This type of release is common when you are purging yourself as part of the spiritual journey. 

A Feeling of Change

It's difficult to describe the feeling that something within you is changing, but if you've ever experienced it, you know how it feels. When this feeling occurs, you will have no question in your mind or heart that something has shifted and you are seeking something different than you may have been in the past. Even if others don't understand the experience, you know for certain that a shift has happened and you are experiencing a very personal step in your spiritual awakening. 

Seeing Beauty Around You 

As you are able to embark on this journey, you will find more beauty around you, which can contribute to feelings of inner joy and peace. Feelings of loneliness, sorrow, and anxiety tend to melt away, as do the worries you may have had about your future. You can focus on the here and now, rather than feeling concern about what the future will hold. It's easier to find joy in the knowledge that your soul is connecting with something greater than yourself.

As you experience the symbols and signs and embark on your own spiritual journey, you may be looking for resources to help in the process. A live psychic can help you interpret your feelings and look for symbols through the gift of clairvoyance, offering more insights into your spiritual awakening.


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