Connecting to Service and Compassion by Psychic Minerva

Date 1/2/2020

There are countless ways to provide service and compassion towards others.

There are countless ways to provide service and compassion towards others.

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Whenever we hear about connecting to service and compassion, many of us equate those attributes to religion or spiritual practices. However, in connecting to the idea of service and compassion, one does not need to be religious or affiliated with any spiritual organization. A person of service gives generously without concerns of personal benefits. While compassion is about being present to someone without judgement or pity.

The are many individuals who are of service to others, based on their own personal path and beliefs of the human spirit. There are those who select roles that allow them to exercise compassion on a daily basis as part of service to others and who take on jobs or tasks that many overlook because it does not pay an adequate amount of money.  

Being of Service
Of course, being of service does not have to be a self-sacrificing act of kindness, it could also be incorporated in a role that provides the individual with a living income.  For instance, jobs in the healing professions such as medical or mental health fields, offer great opportunities for service. However, service is not restricted to any specific careers, it can be expressed in daily actions through volunteer work or even personal acts of kindness.

It is important to realize, that service and compassion are about attitudes and gestures individuals express when connecting to others.  To understand what is meant by service and compassion, it helps to distinguish what the terms imply. Service refers to practicing deeds that facilitate the lives of others, while compassion indicates a general attitude of understanding and acceptance of individuals regardless of their positions. 

Discover Your Inner Purpose
In connecting to service and compassion, you allow yourself to align with your inner purpose and personal role. It is a position that is of universal love and generosity that reaps karmic rewards and a sense of well-being. No, it is not a position of being a goody-goody with perfect thoughts and behaviors, but a role of honest intent and human connection. 

Being of service and compassion, is basically about being a decent person who engages with others from a place of humanity and true kindness without a personal agenda.

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