An Attitude of Gratitude by Psychic Paige

Published Date 12/2/2018
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Are you always grateful for what you have?

Are you always grateful for what you have?

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Gratitude during the holiday season always appears to be front and center. Whether on social media, television, or face-to-face, we see others being thankful for family and friends, spreading kindness and returning favors during this time. 
There is more to gratitude than just the quality of the word. It’s the “feeling of appreciation” we feel or show. Did you know that, according to Wikipedia, the study of the emotional effect of gratitude in psychology only began around the year 2000?  Traditionally psychology focused more on understanding distress than on the positive emotions of gratitude. 
During the holiday season, we hear more and feel more empathy towards difficult situations people are facing.  It’s a period during which people will tend to focus on problems rather than solutions, often missing someone after a breakup or thinking of a loved one who is no longer on the earth plane. 
It is not only the attitude of gratitude each of us can focus on, but it is the feeling behind gratitude and what it points to in our lives. I have learned from the channeled teachings by the Power of 10 to be grateful for all that I have. To paraphrase Power of 10, it is a never-ending cycle. By being grateful every day for what you have, the more you will manifest.  And each day you wake up you can feel grateful to be alive and to have the adventure of another day or a “do over.” 
To stay centered during this holiday season, remember you always have the power within you to choose how you will feel.  You can tell yourself a story of how you have nothing to be grateful for or you can choose to be grateful each day you wake up for the opportunity of another adventure. 
Whenever I find everything is out of whack or the day isn’t going how I thought it would, I stop and clear my mind (like erasing a chalk board of thoughts) and focus on being grateful for all that I have.  As you continue along the path of gratitude, you will find yourself giving to others and being grateful for what your family and friends have as well.  Remember to be grateful you have a roof over your head, air you can breathe, water you can drink, a smile you can give a stranger, a door you can open for someone else and the freedom and power to choose how you feel during the day. 
I am grateful for the clients I have and the opportunity to explore the many possibilities of creating what your heart desires. 
Wishing everyone a peaceful, joyful and wonderful Holiday Season! 
With gratitude and love, 
Paige x7868

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