What Mars in Transit Means in Each Zodiac Sign by Psychic Marcella

Published Date 9/28/2022
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Since humanity landed on the Moon during the 1960s, humans have been obsessed with what lies beyond on the planet Mars! The most common question is…  Is there life on Mars? And if not, could humankind colonize this planet due to its proximity to the Sun, similar to our native Earth?

Mars in Transit

What is Mars in Transit?

Did you know Mars packs a powerful astrological punch along with its outer space appeal? Let’s explore what Mars transits through the Zodiac mean for you!

Approximately every two months, Mars enters a new sign. Exceptions to this rule include the Mars retrograde periods when the planet's motion slows down just before and after this period. Mars typically stays in a sign for six to eight months during each retrograde season, which occurs approximately every two years. Its orbit is more eccentric than the other planets, which explains the variability.

Mars is the planet of action, initiation, sexual desire, and physical activity and is associated with the root chakra.  Harmonious aspects to one's natal chart produce balanced action in these areas, while tense parts produce more chaos. Raising the vibration ahead of difficult transits may smooth out those square and oppositional wrinkles! Read on to see what Mars can do for you!

Mars in Transit Zodiac Signs

How Mars in Transit Effects Each Zodiac Sign

Below are descriptions of Mars as it transits through each of the Zodiac signs. As you consider Mars in each sign, look for how it aspects each of your chart angles. Aspects to Pluto may produce especially probing revelations or intense sexual encounters, while Mars in orb with your natal Sun or Mars is especially energizing.

The trine (120 degree) and sextile (60 degree) angles positively channel Mars' energies of being able to get things done promptly. The square (90 degree) and oppositional (180 degree) function as roadblocks or obstacles. Because Mars rules the root chakra, self-care addressing excessive or deficient vibration in that energy center may provide a bridge over troubled Martian waters during these times.

Mars in Aries:  Home Sweet Home

Mars in Aries is truly at its best here. The first sign of the Zodiac, Mars climbs the mountains like the Ram, its native character, represents. No matter what your natal sign, this is an excellent time to make yourself known by being bold and assertive with your personal needs. Never take NO for an answer when Mars is in Aries!

Mars in Taurus:  The Lazy Bull

In stark contrast to Mars in Aries, Mars is in one of its signs of detriment in Taurus. Mars in Taurus procrastinates in money matters. People hold onto it during this time in a more miserly way. The positive aspects of Mars in this sign include pragmatism, dependability, and accountability. Even though the transit makes people slower, it WILL be done! You can count on a Mars in Taurus individual to always be there for you.

Mars in Gemini:  The Walk of Life

Mars drinks a cup of coffee when it enters Gemini! This sign placement for Mars LOVES to be active. Mars in Gemini chart natives love to run, walk, swim, and engage in the martial arts. Gemini rules short-distance travel and this may be a time to go on brief trips to see extended family and/or friends.

Mars in Cancer:  The Brooding Mood

Mars falls in status here, struggling to overcome inertia due to its intense moods. Mars in Cancer harnesses unseen benefits like Mars in Taurus: They will complete their projects, but don’t be surprised if they encounter roundabout and indelible snares along the way.  Collective memory enhances during this time, helping navigate the detours.

Mars in Leo:  The Thundercat

Another excellent placement for Mars, Mars in Leo crusades for justice, just like the lions on the African savanna. Almost as strong as its fire cousin, Mars in Aries, Martian Leonian natives never quit the fight, even when the battle is brutal.  This position of Mars is a skilled delegator, recognizing limitations in both predator and prey. It rests when it needs to and asks other members of its pride to assist without hesitation. Mars in Leo is a natural and confident leader.

Mars in Virgo:  The Working Healer

Virgo Martians channel their ability to work hard while caring for their bodies simultaneously. They resist the impulse to become workaholics. Striving to help others is their healing modality! Whether they punch the clock or are self-employed, they support themselves too. Many Mars in Virgos find careers in healthcare, writing, or energy healing, such as Reiki. During the biennial Mars in Virgo transit, expect health, healing, efficiency, details, and workplace as social emphases.

Mars in Libra:  Walking the Tightrope

Along with Mars in Taurus, this is another sign where Mars is in detriment. Mars in Libra chart natives struggle with people-pleasing. They tend to adopt the latest "pop-culture" ideas for a quick fix over tried and true, solid, credible resources. Always wanting to be the popular one, he or she stares down the tunnel of real solutions, not seeing what's there. Mars in Libra's silver lining? He or she is an excellent diplomat where tact is necessary. During the biennial transit of Mars in Libra, we all strive to find balance.

Mars in Scorpio:  A Snare along the Path

Along with Mars in Aries, Mars in Scorpio is in its strong suit! However, Scorpio is a feminine sign, as opposed to Aries' bold masculinity. This means when Mars is transiting Scorpio, we see indirect plots of revenge, rather than bold and direct threats. But the people making these plots are equally, if not more powerful than Arians, as Scorpio's natural ruler is Pluto, the power-holder planet in the Solar System.

The critical takeaway is to watch your back when Mars moves through Scorpio. Chart natives with this placement will never forget a slight to them, and protect themselves, sometimes inflicting punishments that far exceed the nature of crimes committed against them.

Mars in Sagittarius:  Happy-go-lucky!

Naturally ruled by Jupiter, the luckiest planet, Mars does well here in the sign of wisdom, higher ideals, and truth. A Mutable Fire sign, Mars in Sagittarius season is the time to be generous with others. Those with this natal placement often overspend believing these principles, counting their chickens before they hatch. They also have natural zeal, championing causes and preaching advice before practicing integrity in what they propose. Yet, Mars in Sagittarians carry an undying optimism that is infectious. In trying times, they are the juice that keeps us all going.

Mars in Capricorn:  Climb Every Mountain!

Like Maria singing in The Sound of Music atop the mountain summit, Mars in Capricorn channels and exalts our inner spirit! This is THE sign where Mars is exalted, meaning its virtues tower in Capricorn greater than any other sign. Being a malefic planet in astrology, this is quite ironic for the planet Mars. It is because Mars in Capricorn produces the drive to create outstanding excellence in the outside world.

Mars in Aquarius:  Electric Avenue

Mars cools down its passions here but is still handy as a friend to those in need of one! This Mars placement gets its hands on everything technical. Many natal chart Mars in Aquarians are colossal sci-fi fans, UFO hunters, or otherwise fascinated with outer space. Mars in Aquarius natives like to get moving with their favorite iTunes or slap the latest Fitbit on their wrists. During the two months of this transit, all humanity will learn how to cope with conflicts in friendships.

Mars in Pisces:  Cool Blue

The last sign in the Zodiac, Mars in Pisces is a relatively weak placement for the action planet. It tends to sit in the background rather than taking a leadership role. Seeking the peaceful blue depths of the seas, Mars in Pisces is not the type to make waves. Mars natives here could strive to become more like predatory fish, swimming more aggressively to defend themselves and not being afraid of the consequences.

Mars in Transit

Applying Mars Principles to Your Chart

Now that you know about Mars in the signs, apply Mars principles to your chart. Traditional astrologers dread Martian energies as they are often considered "malefic" or bad.

In the New Age of Aquarius, we have self-care to navigate modern times. Utilize astrology readings to give yourself a "heads-up" on what is ahead for you in the coming months or years. Then, target your self-care regimen for those times.

For example, if you are facing a Mars-Sun opposition, know that you will need to care for your root and solar plexus chakras, as these two will be the most affected. Exceptional regimens for both centers include Epsom salt baths or shower tablets, whirlpool tubs, and yoga or stretching exercises.

Suppose you have a weaker natal Mars placement. In that case, you may enhance your strength by adding extra root chakra remedies such as cinnamon, clove, or black pepper oils or by obtaining crystals like garnet, ruby, or carnelian. The colors red and brown help draw strength into your root chakra so you may be more energized and effective in your ability to assert yourself. Grounding your energy gives you power!

You are capable of overcoming any problematic natal or transit Mars placement. When all else fails, just know: "This too shall pass."



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