Understanding underlying traits of Leos

Published Date 8/18/2013
Category: Astrology

Understanding underlying traits of Leos

If you've never really gotten along with your mother and you want to get closer, you might want to do some research into her astrological sign. Those born between July 23 and August 22 are considered to be Leos. If your mother has a birthday between these dates, there's plenty of valuable information you can gather about her personality through her sign. Here are a few characteristics to be mindful of as you attempt to forge a more meaningful relationship.

On occasion, Leos can be seemingly insensitive to others' feelings, including your own. If you've always felt like your mother has failed to get a grasp on your emotions and viewpoint on a specific situation, it may be because of her astrological sign.

Leos sometimes become so wrapped up in their own matters that they forget about others and fail to consider the emotions of people around them. If you happen to be close to a Leo (like a family member), you might get burned more often than you'd like in this manner. Acknowledging that this is simply a part of the sign can give you a better understanding of how to handle your mother.

If you've always felt that your mother is overbearing, it might be because of her astrological sign. Protectiveness and sensitivity are both traits of Leos that can get in the way of their relationships. While you might constantly feel the need to tell your mother to lay off, it might be worth noting that it's natural for her - there isn't always a reason to be angry about it.

Leos are often perceived as the Kings of the Jungle and zodiac, represented by the lion, and for good reason. These individuals tend to be extremely confident and brave, and this can give people the wrong idea and make others feel inferior. Try to take a step back if you feel that your mother is power tripping as you try to forge a relationship.

If you're interested in learning more about your mother's sign, you might want to speak to a psychic who specializes in astrology. During an online psychic reading, you can find out more about Leos and your own astrological sign. Perhaps it's your sign that's causing friction in your relationship - knowing your own traits can give you more control over the situation.


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