The Fascinating Astrology that Joins Tori Spelling and her Husband Dean by Psychic Suzi

Published Date 6/3/2016
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What does the future bring for Tori Spelling and her husband Dean?

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Tori Spelling was born under intriguing and powerful astrology aspects setting off a destiny tied to the entertainment industry. Tori’s moon is in Scorpio, a placement that is considered the “Private Investigator.”  It's like a little personal GPS that protects and guides her time and again throughout her life.  A Scorpio moon also endows Tori with beauty and a certain aura of fascination that captures the public’s attention.

Interestingly, Tori’s husband Dean has a Capricorn moon. This male moon brings into play kindred spirit energy to their relationship, accented with deep sensitivity and traditional values.

Opposites Attract under Mars
The Mars attraction and sexual action appears to have ignited a quick spark when they first met. Dean’s Mars is in the practical, sometimes worry-wart, Earth sign of Virgo. Dean puts a lot of energy into the details and works towards perfectionism in his values and creative work. Tori’s Mars in the opposite water sign of Pisces. This creates an “opposites attract” kind of intense energy. Tori’s action planet is dreamy, spiritual, and very inspired by intuition but can have a loss of boundaries in the name of compassion. Together Tori helps Dean ease the firm structure of perfection and Dean helps Tori build, shape, and organize her dreams into reality. 

The Support and Security of Venus
A romantic Venus energy brings support and security. It reflects our value systems and what we really want or need at the end of the day. It is here Dean’s Venus in Scorpio joins Tori’s moon bring to her the clear knowledge that he has her back. In love, Dean is very private and sensitive and can battle trust issues. Tori’s Venus in the air sign of Gemini, bestowing the social butterfly with a twist of Peter Pan, giving her a curiosity and openness to life. Tori helps Dean ride out life’s turbulence with her versatility, colored with humor and playful charm.

A Bright Future Ahead
With the start of summer, astrology energies will shift. Lucky Jupiter will have moved direct in Virgo in May 2016. This should release delays and frustration in Dean’s professional life. Tori could find a professional partnership that had been on pause, most likely due to budget restrictions on the project. She gets the green light and the train leaves the station.

Looking further ahead for this couple, by September 2016 Jupiter changes into Libra. This shift rules money, beauty, and important relationships and Tori’s life springs into action as a result. It will also be a busy time when Tori, will be inspired with ideas tied to children from a wonderful book concept, to fashion for kids, and even a TV show to educate children. By Fall 2017 when Jupiter enters Scorpio, both Tori and Dean’s lives will sparkle with rewards for all the hard work this year.  

The future looks bright for this lovely couple! 

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