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Published Date 3/5/2019
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Travel delays are typical during Mercury Retrograde.

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March contains the Season of Pisces; the twelfth house, metaphysical themes, dreams, and all that's hidden from view. It's also a retrograde month. The communicator Mercury appears retrograde March 6th (29º) – 29th. (having entered the shadow phase February 19th (16º). Mercury stations Direct March 29th (16º) and moves out of Shadow April 16th, 2019.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces, we assume a dreamlike attitude of possibility and heightened imagination. Now is a fitting time for an escape, to ruminate over any poignant areas in need of closure. The Retrograde cycle grants an opportunity to slow down and re-trace our steps. When Mercury stations Direct, the areas touched by the retrograde phase tend to stabilize. 

Mercury and Neptune form a snug conjunction in Pisces March 24, and we can expect reunions and re-connections. More in-depth discussions are possible as we can let go of inhibitions and view productive solutions. Neptune is a higher resonance of Venus; it speaks to heart-centered matters making this is a gracious, creative period. Neptune infuses Mercury with kindness and unconditional love. 

All Retrogrades Offer a Gift  
When we contemplate what the retrograde points to, it becomes easier to transform our thinking. We can move forward by accepting accountability for our choices. Negative feelings fall away and have no hold over the future.

Of Course, it’s Mercury Retrograde - the Usual Cautions Apply 
Mercury rules communication and technology and things can get a little messy in the first few days of the retrograde. Misunderstandings and travel delays are typical.  So, update your apps, scrutinize documents before signing and allow for delays.   Honor your soul’s journey as you embrace the unhurried energy of Mercury Retrograde in Pisces.  Consider your successes and welcome your unique gifts. 

Thanks for reading, I'm so glad we're on this journey together!

Bright blessings, 

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