Mercury Transits and Retrograde - The Meaning of Mercury in Each Sign by Psychic Marcella

Published Date 11/16/2022
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In this article, you will learn how Mercury intellectually connects the rest of your chart and how transiting Mercury influences your ability to reason. You'll also learn about the stigmatized phenomenon of Mercury retrograde, which occurs three to four times in a calendar year. Many equate these three-and-a-half-week periods with chaos and confusion, but you do not have to be a victim! After digesting this information, you will never be left unprepared for a writing assignment, important exam, or keynote speaker address ever again. During future Mercury retrogrades, you will have the tools you need to stay mindful, practical, logical, and safe!

Planet Mercury

Get to Know Planet Mercury

Mercury is the first planet in the Solar system, closer to the Sun than any other orb. Because it is much closer than Earth's orbit, it takes only 88 days for Mercury to complete one trip around the Sun. Only visible during twilight, it is much harder to observe than the hard-to-miss neighboring planet Venus, the goddess of love in astrology.

Mercury, Venus, and Mars are personal planets in an astrology chart. They have more weight and influence over our everyday interactions with others than the outer planets, which govern the big picture in our lives. Mercury rules communication, writing, publishing, transportation, electronics, and education.

A strongly aspected Mercury in a natal chart indicates incredible focus, determination, and willpower in one's cognitive approach to life. The person who pulls college all-nighters easily or can wait until a few days before the due date to start writing is a Mercury Miracle chart native!

Mercury Transit

Which Planets and Aspects in a Natal Chart Make Mercury Strong?

Two beneficial planets, Venus and Jupiter, flavor the ancient messenger of the gods differently. When Venus forms favorable aspects (trine 120 degrees or sextile 60 degrees) with Mercury conveys poetic grace to speech, Jupiter grants a delicious wit and marvelous sense of humor. When conjunct, these effects are even more pronounced. In opposition (180 degrees) or square (90 degrees) aspect, the chart native could be a love addict, skilled at using words for selfish seduction, or in Jupiter's case, endeared to grandiosity and unrealistic beliefs.

Pleasant aspects between the Moon and Mercury create a blending between the logical and intuitive that flows freely. More difficult relationships with the Moon produce a low level of paranoia and difficulty trusting others.

With Mars or Pluto in positive aspects, Mercury becomes deep and probing, never giving up its search for information. In more difficult positioning, the chart native becomes unfocused, distracted, or unable to keep attention on a task.

Mercury naturally governs the throat chakra, the fifth in a total of seven energy bodies aligned with our spiritual consciousness.  The throat functions as a portal to the crown, the ultimate chakra of discernment, incorporating logic and intuitive feedback from the third eye, ultimately making big-picture assessments. Uranus, considered by many astrologers to be the higher octave of Mercury, rules the crown chakra. It is important to consider throat chakra self-care in your spiritual wellness regimen to optimize your harmony with the Universe!

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Transits Though the 12 Zodiac Signs

Are you without hope if your Mercury is afflicted? Certainly not! Read on and, I'll discuss ways to remedy more challenging aspects to Mercury in your natal chart.

But first, let us observe the journey Mercury takes through the twelve signs.

Mercury in Aries: The Winged Warrior

Although fire signs are not Mercury's strong suit, Mercury in Aries excels at being straight to the point. No fluff or sugarcoating here! These individuals may seek out drama or debates rather than peace and calm. They also may be upset at others who are long-winded or go on and on yet display no guilt when they do! Mercury in Aries uses "I" a lot when writing about themselves and what they are doing.

Mercury in Taurus: The Buck Stops Here!

Excellent at money management, Mercury in Taurus individuals like to always track their money and finances. Knowledge about gardening, fragrances, fashion, and Feng Shui are up their alley! As with Mercury in Aries, this natal position favors a "less is more" approach to communication.

Mercury in Gemini: The Gift of Gab

No other natal position of Mercury is as agile! This placement is well-read, could easily win many trivia games, and possesses excellent writing skills. Careers in journalism, publishing, education, language instruction, and travel suit Gemini Mercurials well. They are fantastic with their hands. Many mechanics have Mercury in Gemini, as this sign rules automobiles. Yet others make their living in transportation, such as bus or taxi drivers or Uber/Lyft.

Mercury in Cancer:  Roundabout Reminiscing

This position of Mercury struggles to get straight to the point but makes up for it with a steel-trap memory! You can always count on a Cancer Mercurian to be an excellent historian. This position of Mercury lends itself well to careers such as accounting, real estate, banking, and childcare. With any project that requires a nurturing hand, Mercury in Cancer is there for you!

Mercury in Leo:  I Am Lion, Hear Me ROAR!

Modern astrologers consider Mercury to be in its fall in Leo. But Mercurial Leos can still pack a punch! This position of Mercury struggles with open-mindedness and listening to others, but ultimately sets aside needing to be right. Because they are proud of their accomplishments, Mercurial Leonians seek the limelight. They can become a commanding force amidst an ever-changing landscape because of its fixed sign position, along with Mercury in Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Mercury in Virgo:  Dutiful Notetaking

This position, like Mercury in Gemini, is in dominion. Unlike Gemini, Mercury in Virgo is more refined and polished, always thinking before speaking and projecting a message of authority without a lot of rhetoric. Virgo Mercurials are careful to let others talk before voicing her thoughts. She works well by herself and could excel in a remote workforce, always having her self-care arsenal at her disposal.

Mercury in Libra:  Fair-Minded

Libran Mercurials love to weigh the pros and cons of any choice. At a lower vibration, they struggle with making decisions final. Once they have put on the armor of self-care, they can see how they may make any free-will choice their cup of tea. Like Mercury's other Air sign placements, Libran Mercurials have an extraordinary intellect and can match their Gemini or Aquarian counterparts by taming down their indecision. They do well in careers involving legal work, statistics, or consulting.

Mercury in Scorpio:  Laser Focus!

No other placement of Mercury is so determined and intense! It can focus so profoundly that it can move mountains. Getting to the heart of the matter to sift past the superficial is a Scorpio Mercurial’s specialty. Never do wrong to a person with this placement! It simply will not be forgotten. Shift work suits Mercurial Scorpios well, as they will not fall asleep at night. Careers in hypnotherapy, psychology, and detective work exceptionally fit Mercurial Scorpios.

Mercury in Sagittarius:  Off on a Tangent

One of two detrimental placements for Mercury, this placement redeems itself with determination because Sagittarius is a very intellectual sign. Extra work on the throat chakra helps the chart native to stay on point in conversations and not derail the conversation into inappropriate humor. As their Mercurial Gemini oppositional counterparts, Mercury Sagittarians can excel in journalism, communication arts, and broadcasting. They succeed, especially when the audience is on a world stage. They are especially adept at studying new languages and learning foreign cultures and customs.

Mercury in Capricorn:  The Concise Laconic

Contrasting this natal placement with Mercury in Sagittarius, Capricorn Mercurials are men and women of few but compelling words. If you are a Mercury placement that uses more words, you will notice that the Capricorn Mercury has more authority, even if they say just a sentence. One may recall the power of these few words well beyond a conversation. Capricorn Mercurials succeed in leadership positions where people need simple but stately direction.

Mercury in Aquarius:  Mental Telepathy

 No other position of Mercury taps the crown chakra more powerfully. Mercury is exalted here and transcends mere words to speak from the mind. This position is interested in learning how electronics work and seeks careers in computer science, engineering, or aviation. Many friends surround Aquarian Mercurials throughout life because they know how it feels to be misunderstood and aloof.

Mercury in Pisces:  Fish out of Water

Another detrimental placement like Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in Pisces requires the most work to excel mentally. Its mind is always swimming in the imagination, making it difficult to bring out of daydreaming. A Pisces Mercurial does best to adopt a daily Epsom salt bath or crown chakra self-care, such as Reiki or craniosacral massage. Now, s/he is optimized to put these daydreams into a clear, coherent expression.

Solar System

How to Optimize Your Mercury Placement

Mercury naturally rules the throat chakra, which is interlinked with the crown. Uranus, the higher octave of Mercury, rules the crown chakra. It follows that optimizing both the throat and crown help Mercury out, especially if Mercury is afflicted in your chart. These tips also help when you are experiencing a difficult transit to your natal Mercury (such as a square or opposition) or Mercury Retrograde periods.

Essential oils such as bay leaf, basil, Ravensara, and eucalyptus help support the throat and clear our energies to express our ideas more succinctly. Crown chakra oils such as lavender, frankincense, and sandalwood help enhance this chakra’s ability to receive and process throat activity.

The remainder of the Zodiacal Circle will remember the gift to work for what higher Mercurial placement chart natives take for granted. All twelve Mercury signs have their unique gifts to lend each other, functioning like a multicolor rainbow. Don’t neglect your own uniqueness.  You have an extraordinarily beautiful mind! Let the challenges of the world evolve you to your highest potential. Many blessings!



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