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Published Date 7/11/2019
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July's radiant, yet peaceful gemstone is The Ruby.

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The middle of the summer, July, fittingly brings a fiery gemstone, the Ruby, as its own special identifier. The natural owners of Ruby, and to whom it truly belongs are those who like a challenge, they are true individualists, creative, and original thinkers. They also tend to be childlike in their admiration for the wonders of this world. Those born under the sign of Cancer (June 21 - July 22) are inherited owners; however, there are others who possess the qualities of the Ruby and gravitate toward this wonderful stone.

Ruby is part of the Sapphire family. Colors range from pink to yellow, but only the red is called Ruby. Rubies have wonderful inclusions within them, showing they are clearly natural and not man-made stones. Some of these designs form web-like lacy lines while others have needle-like designs. These can come across as shimmers of light. Others form a stunning six-pointed star.

Rubies throughout History
Rubies have a varied history and have been admired for centuries. For instance in India, they are called “ratnanavaka”, which means “Lord of the precious stones”, because rubies are valued above all other gems. In the Orient, if a Ruby is engraved with the figure of a dragon, it is believed to have power to bring its wearer increased material possessions along with immense joy. In ancient days, the warm flaming glow of the Ruby was associated with fire itself. Ancient people thought Rubies could boil water, or melt wax. One delightful legend from India tells that the home of the gods was lit with large, glowing Rubies!  

Perhaps the most famous appearance of the Ruby occurred in the movie version of the classic “The Wizard of Oz.” Who can forget how Dorothy eventually found her way back home to Kansas from Oz. The magic happened as she clicked together the heels of her fabulous Ruby Slippers and uttered the iconic phrase “There’s No Place Like Home, There’s No Place Like Home!” Even all these years later, no Halloween costume of Dorothy is complete without a pair of Ruby Red Slippers! 

The Peaceful Energy of the Ruby
The energies of this fabulous stone will bring peace to its owner, who will always walk in harmony among both enemies and friends. Ruby will bring health, peace and contentment to its wearer. In the East, the Ruby is called “a drop of Mother Earth’s heart’s blood.”

Ruby’s prime healing energies, used either in the form of the gem stone or elixir, are excellent for treating the heart and circulatory system. The vibrant stone is also great for treating infectious diseases and fever. Ruby has been known to help cure negativity in all its aspects. The ruby will help to promote tranquility in its wearer. 

Interesting note: The largest Ruby, weighing forty-one carats was discovered on Armistice Day, and consequently called the “Peace Ruby”.

Ruby Dreams
Rubies symbolize passionate love, so to dream of wearing more than one Ruby, you will have more than one very passionate lover. If you are the recipient of a Ruby, you will find success in winning over a reluctant lover. However, if you lose your Ruby, your lover will become distant.  If you buy a Ruby in your dream, the size of your purchase will determine how powerful you view yourself. If you or someone in your dream is wearing a large Ruby surrounded by diamonds or gold, this shows the integrity and honesty of that person.

Ruby is a beautiful, powerful, strong stone. Wear yours proudly, confidently and know that is a healer of great magnitude!

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