How To Get Along With A New Stepparent

Published Date 9/19/2013
Category: Astrology

How To Get Along With A New Step Parent

Seeing as remarriage is now more common, you might find yourself adopting a new stepparent later in life. Watching a parent remarry can be challenging at any age, but perhaps it isn't the idea behind it that's causing tension - maybe your astrological signs are simply incompatible.

Whether you're welcoming a new mother or father into your life, it's worth examining the individual's zodiac sign. If your new stepparent was born between March 21 and April 19, this makes the individual an Aries. As The Huffington Post reported, Aries tend to be energetic people who don't let anything in their lives slow them down. Your new stepparent may come off as too spontaneous for your liking. 

However, it's worth noting that Aries tend to be courageous, warm and caring. Give your new family member a chance to settle, and you may be surprised at how much you come to enjoy him or her. Aries are typically leaders of the pack, which can be helpful in a family that needs stability.

Talk to our phone psychics if you aren't sure where your relationship is headed. Tarot readings can let you know if you and your stepparent will eventually hit it off.


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