December Love Tips For Every Horoscope

Published Date 12/1/2019
Category: Astrology

December offers plenty of opportunities for romance, whether you're in a relationship or hoping to meet someone new.

December is a powerful month for romance this year. As Mercury enters Sagittarius on December 9, you'll find that you can communicate well about the big picture for your relationship. The full moon in the middle of the month will inspire new or deepening romance for many signs. As Venus enters Aquarius on December 20, look for unconventional opportunities. A detailed astrology reading will tell you more about what to expect, but the insights below offer a quick guide.


Watch for old relationship patterns to emerge this month, and try to avoid falling into bad habits. Be mindful of your partner's space to avoid disputes. If you're single, take things slow and don't let infatuation carry you away.


The first three weeks of December bring opportunities for romance. If you're single, you may find a new partner. Existing relationships will deepen.


On December 13, the Gemini moon will inspire you to share your feelings. This is good, as it's time for you to stop holding back and tell your partner or love interest how you feel.


You may need a break from your relationship during the beginning of the month, but you'll get the clarity that you need by the full moon on December 13. Your partner may need more time, but expect a response by the new moon on the 26.


Consider what you want for your relationship, as your partner may have something to propose this month. Plan a special date between December 26 and 28.


Quiet persistence will win out in your love life this month. Whether you're in a relationship or pursuing someone new, it's all about patience.


Plan a trip after December 14. This can inspire deeper feelings in an existing relationship or help you find new love if you're single.


Plan an escape with your partner between December 4 and 8 for an extra dose of romance. If you're single, someone new may cross your path around the 22.


The full moon on the 13 will add new excitement to your love life. If you're single, you may rekindle an old flame this month. Existing relationships may experience some surprises around the end of December.


Focus on healing yourself this month to make room for romance in your life. Whether you're single or in a relationship, your love life will benefit from some introspection around this time.


The full moon on the 13 brings the ideal opportunity for new or deepening love. Release old hurts and focus on welcoming acceptance and abundance into your romantic life.


You're in a position to initiate the romance this month. Act between December 1 and 5 for the best results, whether you're pursuing deeper intimacy with your partner or pursuing someone new.

For more insights into your love life for the month of December, consider speaking with a psychic or getting a love tarot reading. The stars indicate successful romantic endeavors this holiday season.


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