Could You Date a Leo?

Published Date 7/26/2013
Category: Astrology

Dating a Leo can bring its fair share of challenges

Being set up on a blind date can be both promising and intimidating at the same time, especially if you know nothing about the individual. However, doing a little snooping beforehand and learning her astrological sign can give you a leg up prior to your date.

If your date was born between July 23 and August 22, this makes her a Leo. These individuals are represented by the lion, and for good reason. Leos are known to be proud leaders, and they also tend to have an affectionate side for those they care about.

However, mingling with a Leo can bring its fair share of challenges. They can be relatively sensitive and hesitant to open up to others for fear of getting hurt - keep this in mind if your date appears to be a little sheepish. Leos are always trying to take center stage as well, which might be dissuading to you if you're not used to sharing the spotlight.

Speak to a psychic advisor who specializes in astrology if you're interested in learning more about Leos prior to your date. A psychic reading might also be able to let you know if you might find a suitable partner in the individual you're meeting.

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