August Gemstones of the Month - Sardonyx and Peridot by Psychic Zoey

Published Date 8/10/2019
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The pretty peridot is just one of two birthstones associated with August.

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Fittingly, Leo the Lion, the larger-than-life, magnanimous zodiac sign has not one, but two gemstones attributed to it. Sardonyx, is the traditional birthstone for August and Peridot represents the modern birthstone for this month.

Sardonyx – the Traditional August Birthstone
Sardonyx is a quartz gemstone with parallel flat bands. The colors range from rose/orange/red to white and brown. Sardonyx has been used extensively in cameos and for making seals. A beautiful necklace made of Sardonyx and Carnelians was discovered by archaeologists in one of the Egyptian tombs.

Sardonyx was most popular in biblical times, in ancient Greece and Rome, and somewhat into the early 1800s. Its healing qualities were thought to be especially good in treating any wounds inflicted by scorpions or spiders. 

Sardonyx inspires courage and strengthens love.
Self-control and good luck are offshoots of its powerful energies. Swedish theologian, mystic and scientist, Emanuel Swedenborg called the stone, a symbol of “love of Good and Light.”

Sardonyx Dreams 
If you see a selection of Sardonyx in your dreams, you will have an influx of abundance. If you should purchase the gem, this indicates the start of a new and creative adventure. Seeing a very large Sardonyx means you should begin balancing the varied elements in your life. 

Peridot – the Modern August Birthstone
Peridot is a transparent olive green stone that comes in only one color, green, but many shades thereof, ranging from light yellow/green to dark, brown/green. The lemon yellow variety was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians who believed this gemstone was capable of shining in the dark like a gorgeous lantern. The High Priests adorned themselves with Peridot to keep themselves grounded and free from any envious or jealous thoughts they might have about the all-encompassing powers of their Pharaoh. 

In the Middle Ages, Peridot was thought best to be worn in beads in a collar around the neck. During this period, people thought the stone would help direct the sun’s energy toward its wearer, therefore guarding against depression or fear.

Those who are structured, disciplined and practical are very much drawn to this gemstone. Also those who are gentle and cooperative admire this beautiful stone. The energies of Peridot include faithfulness, fairness, and trust. Harmonies created by Peridot will interact with its wearer’s vibrational force. Peridot can also raise its wearer’s consciousness, bringing out clairvoyant abilities.

Bonus Fact: Peridot is one of the few gemstones found in meteorites. Interestingly and corresponding with this, ancient legends tell about Peridots being ejected to earth by an explosion on the sun. 

Peridot Dreams 
If you dream of a Peridot in a jeweled case, this means someone around you is keeping a secret. If you wear a Peridot on your right hand in your dream, this indicates that you are an honest and open person. If your dream consists of finding a Peridot while working in a garden, this is a signal that you will hear unexpected news, or have unannounced visitors. If your lover gives you a Peridot in your dream, this indicates that your relationship will be tender, caring, and in harmony with who you are.

So whether you subscribe to the new (Peridot), or the old (Sardonyx), wear your August gemstone in peace and serenity this and every day.

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