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Published Date 4/9/2019
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April's dazzling birthstone is the energizing Diamond.

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It’s been said that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” This might be slightly changed to read “Diamonds are everyone's best friend,” or at least most people's favorite gemstone. Apart from its beauty, there is a certain vibration within the Diamond that appeals to most people.

Diamonds are flashy and noticeable, and can be downright stunning. Consider the 67-carat Hope Diamond, and the 186-carat Koh-i-nor ("mountain of light") Diamond. Although both these stones had a somewhat sordid history involving greed, want and power struggles, they both ended up in relatively safe places. The Hope currently rests in the Smithsonian Institute, while the Koh-i-nor resides in the Tower of London, where countless visitors can view it along with the crown jewels.

The Colors of Diamonds
Physically, the Diamond is one of the prettiest gemstones with colors ranging from blue/white, pink, green, red, blue, black, gray, to colorless (or better described as a flash of beauty). The Diamond is the hardest of gemstones. Only a Diamond can cut a Diamond. And financially, Diamonds seem to only go up in value.

Birthplaces of Diamonds include Africa, India, Brazil, Borneo, Russia, Australia, and Arkansas.

It is said that the intense vibrational force of the Diamond will bring a true lover into its wearer's life. Serenity in another aspect that the Diamond can render its wearer. On the other hand, legend tells that Diamonds will repel all aspects of Witchcraft, nightmares, poison, and pestilence.

Diamonds – Nature’s Healer
Diamonds are powerful healers, especially in the hands of a skilled teacher. They can aide in drawing toxicities out of the body, and actually hasten the discharge of toxicities from the human system. For centuries, natural healers have used diamonds to treat a variety of ailments from diabetes, epilepsy, menopause, to psoriasis. 

Diamonds are exceptional aides in clairvoyant work, and help in attuning vibrational forces to the higher self. 

Dazzling Dreams
Dreaming of Diamonds is very telling. For instance, if a young woman dreams of receiving a Diamond in her dream, she will marry someone of high position and prestige. For a woman to dream of wearing a Diamond bracelet, it implies she will be with her mate for life. If she dreams of wearing Diamond earrings, she will experience a disagreeable event in a friendship. While wearing a Diamond ring shows that you will have great patience and adaptability.

If you see Diamonds in your dream, this implies your fortunes will increase. If you dream of owning Diamonds, this portends special honors and accolades from those in high positions will be coming your way. And lastly, if you dream your Diamonds are stolen from you, this shows that you are surrendering any false pretenses you have previously held.

Diamond Energy
Diamonds are great conductors of energy, and as such might feel cold to the touch. This is because of their high internal conductivity. Diamond energy can greatly influence your own. Because of its great ability to magnetize energies, it can reflect the negative as well as the positive. Therefore, it's best to cleanse your Diamonds on occasion to ensure their psychic energy. One way to accomplish this is by holding your gemstone in your left hand under cool tap water, then ideally putting them on a window sill where they can absorb the vibrational force of the night sky. It's best to leave them overnight.

Over time Diamonds have become known for their association with love (engagement or wedding rings). Diamonds symbolize the expression of love and have also come to be known to symbolize power, prestige, and wealth. Essentially they are a beautiful, strong, and powerful stone. This is a stone for the confident, the strong. This, April babies, is your amazing birthstone.

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