A Guide to the 12 Houses of Astrology

Published Date 1/15/2020
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Each astrological house is influenced by the planet found there at the time of your birth.

Most people are familiar with the 12 signs of the zodiac, but the 12 houses of astrology aren't as well-known. While the zodiac wheel rotates on an annual basis, the wheel of the astrological houses completes a rotation every 24 hours. For this reason, you must know the exact time of your birth to get an accurate reading based on the houses of astrology. 

At any given time, the sun, moon, and planets are situated in distinct positions within the 12 astrological houses. Each house corresponds to a different aspect of your life. Understanding where the planets were when you were born will give you valuable insights into how you perceive, interact with, and experience the world around you.

Understanding what each house represents is the first step in thoroughly evaluating your birth chart. Below, you'll find an explanation of each of the 12 houses. Working with an astrologer, you can determine which planets occupied these houses when you entered the world and determine what that tells you about your journey.

First House: House of the Ascendant Mask

Corresponding Sign: Aries

Ruled By: Mars

The first house is associated with your ego, appearance, and sense of self. This is the face that you show the world. The planet in your first house influences that first impression that you make with others. This may or may not be an accurate representation of your inner self. It's important to consider the impact that your first house has on your reputation, as you may need to manage it carefully.

Second House: House of Resources

Corresponding Sign: Taurus

Ruled By: Venus

The second house is all about your resources, both financial and otherwise. Your life skills, confidence, security, and material possessions are all considered resources in this instance. The planet in your second house influences how you handle money and material possessions belonging both to yourself and to others. This will determine whether you're a spender or a saver, and how much wealth you're likely to accumulate over your lifetime.

Third House: House of Open Perception

Corresponding Sign: Gemini

Ruled By: Mercury

The third house influences your communication with others in your immediate environment. This impacts how you relate to neighbors, coworkers, and family members. Planets located here determine how you communicate verbally, in writing, and through your body language. This house can also give you information about how you relate to your surrounding culture.

Fourth House: House of the Nadir

Corresponding Sign: Cancer

Ruled By: Moon

The fourth house is all about your home. This influences where you feel most comfortable both physically and emotionally. While your home may be a physical structure, it can also be a state of mind. A nomad may feel perfectly at home on the road as long as they have the right plans or possessions on hand. The planet in your fourth house determines whether you're a domestic homebody or a more adventurous spirit.

Fifth House: House of Joy and Bliss

Corresponding Sign: Leo

Ruled By: Sun

Creativity, romance, playfulness, and children are all associated with the fifth house. The planet found here will influence your relationship to gambling, gaming, risk-taking, and hobbies. This house is all about enjoyment. The things and activities that you love most are determined by this section of your astrological chart.

Sixth House: House of Legacy, Lineage, and Service

Corresponding Sign: Virgo

Ruled By: Mercury

Your career and health are determined by your sixth house. The planet here impacts your attitude toward food, exercise, nutrition, and wellness. It also pertains to how you get your work done. This house can give you information about what type of routine you enjoy and whether or not you're particularly organized. If you're looking for a new career path, consider the planet in your sixth house and use its associations as a helpful guide.

Seventh House: House of the Descendant

Corresponding Sign: Libra

Ruled By: Venus

Long-term relationships are ruled by the seventh house. This is sometimes referred to as the house of marriage, but its influence applies to all types of lasting relationships including business partnerships, cooperative relationships, and even those with whom you have longstanding enmity. The planet in your seventh house influences how you relate to these people and the way that you manage relationships throughout your life.

Eighth House: House of Karma and Kali

Corresponding Sign: Scorpio

Ruled By: Mars and Pluto

In the eighth house, you'll find a deep and complex energy associated with transformation, death, and sex. This house is all about the cyclical nature of the world, which passes from life to death. Before you think of this as a morbid or depressing part of the chart, you should know that the eighth house is ultimately about healing and regeneration. The planet found here can guide you on a transformative journey through your life.

Ninth House: House of Paradigms

Corresponding Sign: Sagittarius

Ruled By: Jupiter

The higher intellectual realms are governed by the ninth house. This part of your chart pertains to philosophy, law, religion, and higher education. Deep ideas and great wisdom come from the ninth house. The planet in your ninth house determines how you look for and find meaning in things. It can determine the scope of your interaction with other cultures or even other realms.

Tenth House: House of the Midheaven or Destiny

Corresponding Sign: Capricorn

Ruled By: Saturn

The tenth house is about status and reputation. The planet here determines how you're perceived by the public. While your first house pertains to the first impression you have in person, the tenth house relates more to the impression that you make on a larger scale. You may find clues to your ultimate life calling in this house.

Eleventh House: House of the Meaningful Matrix

Corresponding Sign: Aquarius

Ruled By: Saturn and Jupiter

Friendships reside in the eleventh house. This part of your chart tells you about how you interact with others. It's all about your social status and place in society. The planet in your eleventh house can give you some important clues as to how to find your tribe and identify the place where you fit best in the world.

Twelfth House: House of Spiritual Liberation

Corresponding Sign: Pisces

Ruled By: Jupiter and Neptune

The twelfth house pertains to your cosmic self. This is how you are when separated from your ego and reunited with the universe. Your subconscious mind, karmic debt, and spiritual path are all under the influence of the twelfth house. Examining the planet found here can give you insights into your greater place in the universe.

The 12 astrological houses can offer a wealth of information. It's difficult for most to evaluate these complex aspects of the astrological birth chart. If you're interested in learning more about what the 12 houses mean in your own astrological chart, it's best to consult with a live psychic who's experienced in this area. With study and meditation, you can learn a great deal from these houses.


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