4 Character Traits All Leos Share

Published Date 8/9/2015
Category: Astrology

People born under the sign of Leo share certain traits.

Were you born in late July or the first part of August? If yes, then you should start connecting with your inner feline because your astrological sign is Leo.

Leo is a sun sign. This means that every year from July 22nd to August 22nd, the sun is in the constellation Leo. The stars in astrological constellations do not exist in proximity to one another. They just happen to be in the same line of sight, and that’s what makes them so special. People born under the same sun sign tend to have many of the same character traits. Here are some of the character traits for which Leos are known:


Leos have a love of life that often makes them into risk-takers. Charming, gregarious, and full of fire — Leo’s element — people born under this sign love everything new and out of the ordinary, and this makes them chase adventure. Leos can also be devoted to their ideas. This combined with their natural tendency towards risk-taking makes Leo very courageous. However, sometimes in the quest for excitement, Leos can be their own worst enemies, creating conflict and trouble out of boredom and avoiding the safer routes just because they already know where those roads go. This tendency makes Leos exciting to be around, but sometimes they take risks just to do something different, often with disastrous consequences.


Leo’s key celestial body is the sun, and much like the planets revolve around the sun, Leos have a tendency to expect everything to revolve around them. They love to be the center of attention and tend to think that is just how things should be. This can make them a little pretentious or melodramatic. Many Leos learn to manage this “me first” tendency and move from vanity to a healthy self-confidence, and many do so through the help of an astrologer or an astrology reading from an online psychic. Otherwise, expect Leo to be egotistical and stubborn with a tendency to overspend “because they’re worth it”.


There is a lot to love about Leos. They are also passionate and loyal. Leos love to be needed and are extremely warm-hearted. Known for their generous spirits and big hearts, Leo is the greatest friend and a caring lover. This is the sort of person who will love you and trust you implicitly after a single meeting. This type of blind devotion means that Leos often have their hearts broken, but it also makes them easy to love. People naturally gravitate towards people born under this sign. As such, Leos tend to have lifelong friends, homes, and careers. 


Leos are also givers. Known for their generosity and kind hearts, Leos are very giving with their hearts and their time. They always help people in need and often do favors for people without being asked. Leos like to give small gifts just because and do things to let the people in their lives know they are thinking of them.

People born under the sign of Leo are charming, loyal, and generous. They also like adventure and have a tendency towards vanity.


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