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Published Date 7/31/2021
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The Sukhasana (Easy) Pose is just one of many ways to get in touch with your inner self via yoga.

The Sukhasana (Easy) Pose is just one of many ways to get in touch with your inner self via yoga.

Yoga means union, union with the Creator. Yoga is energy work, it’s deep yet gentle. It anchors you into your body with movement and sacred breath. The best part of Spirituality on earth, as a human with a body is to experience love, pleasure, joy and expansion THROUGH the body. Adjusting and shifting your cellular structure requires movement with awareness, observation and meditation.

Taking time out to establish a daily yoga practice which includes poses, flow, breath work, and going within, can be used as a powerful, transformative tool for health and inner well-being, as well as manifestation.

Yoga Gets Us In Touch With Our Inner Self

Yoga gives us the opportunity to go within. Time on our mat allows us to step away from the daily grind and simply be in the moment. Using our breath to bring us to the sacred energy of the present. Child's pose is a simple and healing asana. Allow yourself to melt into the pose, close your eyes and concentrate on the breathing. Using the mantra “I am one with Spirit, all is well.” Start every morning in the pose and you will see an amazing shift in your sense

Yoga Teaches Us To Be Grateful

In our yoga practice we learn to not focus on what we lack, but to focus on what we have. Focusing on what we already have and being truly grateful for it every day gives your manifesting the space it needs to happen and unfold. Gratitude is the divine elixir of life. Simply plant your feet on the ground, hip width apart. Raise your arms above your head looking up to the sky, close your eyes, take deep breaths and repeat “I am grateful.” I call this the gratitude pose.

Yoga Generates Love And Compassion

Yoga is a spiritual practice that is heart centered. The more we mediate and explore the heart centered teachings of yoga, the more we realize that our thoughts come and go and can be used as creative tools for a positive outcome. When we choose to live in the heart centered awareness instead of fear, the more freedom we fill in our lives.

When love and compassion rule your thoughts, you begin to create and manifest more of these experiences into your life. Sit in royal yogi pose, close your eyes, bring your palms together in prayer position, bring them close to your heart and send your breath to your heart chakra. Imagine the sacred breath filling your heart with white healing energy and love. Spending five minutes in this pose and heart meditation will bring more love into your essence and into your outer world. As within, so without.

Incorporating yoga, meditation and sacred breath into your day will also increase your own intuition and connection with your higher self, resulting in better choices and outcomes. 

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