Why It's Okay to Say "No" and Start Putting Yourself First

Published Date 8/16/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Learn how to say no the right way so you can put your needs first.

No. It's a simple two-letter word, and yet many people have a problem saying it. If you feel like you're always saying "yes" to friends, family, and work even though you don't want to, you could be adding even more stress to your life. Discover how to say "no" the right way so you can start putting yourself first.

Know Your Priorities

You know how precious and valuable your time is. When you say yes to things you don't want to do, you're taking away from that time. Even worse, you're putting those tasks ahead of things that are truly important, such as being with your family. An online psychic reading can help you focus on your priorities so it's easier to say no to something you simply can't do.

Saying No at Work

Many people feel like they have to say yes at work. They might think if they say no to their boss they could lose their job or make their boss think they can't handle their job. However, the exact opposite is true. If you take on too many commitments at work, you're weakening your productivity and not giving each project your best. If your boss insists that you take on a project, explain that you have too much to handle right now and you'll need to shift priorities on your existing projects.

Preempt the Request

It's often easier to say no before the request is even made. If you know people are going to ask you to do something you simply don't have time to handle, let them know beforehand that you can't take on any additional tasks. For example, as soon as you walk into a meeting, you can announce that your time is booked with urgent projects and you won't be able to take on any new requests. A psychic reading by phone might also prepare you for preempting any requests.

Get Back to Them

If you feel like you can't immediately say no, ask the person if you can get back to them. You then have some time to look over your schedule and know for sure whether you can reasonably handle the request. If you have to say no, you can simply say, "After looking over my commitments, I'm not able to accommodate your request." Then you won't feel so bad knowing that you tried.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like riding a bike or learning to play an instrument, saying "no" is a skill that takes practice. The more you say it, the more comfortable you'll feel about it. Just remember that some people will accept it right away and others will be persistent. However, if you keep saying no, they'll eventually get the message.

When you learn how to say no the right way, you can begin putting yourself and your needs first. This will help reduce stress and increase your happiness.

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