Which Gemstones and Crystals Are Most Protective?

Published Date 8/31/2016
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Do you know which gemstones and crystals are the most protective?

Working with crystals and stones is more of an art than a science. Similar to how a perfume smells differently on each individual who wears it, the metaphysical and energetic qualities of stones shift in alignment with whoever uses them. Among the published references available are reliable sources of foundational information. However, everyone does not resonate with the experiences of those authors or with the research supporting their conclusions. That’s ok! 

Advisors receive consistent inquiries regarding protective stones. As a general rule, the darker stones are more protective. “Protective” does not indicate that you’re under attack. It’s similar to putting on a coat when you go into the cold. The coat protects you from the elements and increases your stamina. Because of its presence you can last longer outside. 

Here are 7 popular protective stones and how to use them:

Labradorite – A go-to power stone, and gorgeous to boot! Wear labradorite to hold space, like a solid container. 

Raw black tourmaline/Shale – A grounding stone. Place raw black tourmaline in various locations around your home/office for increased connection with the earth, which creates increased calm. 

Lepidolite – What spiritual individual doesn’t love purple! Lepidolite is not only beautiful, but is great for extending emotional balance, especially when in an emotionally vulnerable state. 

Tourmalinated quartz – This interesting stone most often appears clear to milky white with black rods or fibers running through it. The fibers are of tourmaline, so they hold that same type of protection while helping remove unnecessary energies from the space between the reader/healer and the client. 

Hematite – Often magnetic, this metallic stone is heavy, shiny, and promotes a strongly grounded connection to the physical realm. It’s helpful to wear during extended experiences with groups of people. 

Dioptase – A bumpy yet more fragile, emerald green or darker stone with a powerful, concentrated presence. It can enhance stamina during an extended period of time with a succession of different people, such as at a work or a social event. 

Sodalite – This pretty blue stone with white markings is a go-to for protecting electronics! While it’s not clearly documented, many have reported less technical difficulties in the presence of this stone. 

To discover which stones are best for you specifically, talk or chat with a professional clairvoyant.

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