Understanding Your Seven Chakras by Psychic Summer

Published Date 5/9/2016
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Each of your 7 Chakras needs to remain in balance.

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Each of us is made of seven chakras throughout our bodies. A chakra is source of energy and throughout the body there are seven main points where nerve endings come together which connect the mind and the body.

It is important to understand your own chakras because it is the energy carried within you that connects the spirit. 

The Seven Chakras

1) The first chakra is found by the first three vertebrae, the bladder and the colon. This chakra consists of our basic needs, stability, and security

2) Next, the second chakra is located at the pubic bone and navel which is a person’s sexual center as well as their creativity

3) The third chakra is from the navel to the breast bone. This chakra is personal empowerment

4) Moving into the fourth chakra is where the mind and spirit begin to connect. The forth chakra is the heart chakra which is the source of love and connection

5) The fifth chakra is around the throat and it allows for verbal expression. 

6) The sixth chakra is between the eyebrows and is known as the third eye. This is where our intuition comes from. 

7) Finally, the seventh chakra is located on the crown of the head and is where spiritual enlightenment happens. 

Energy in Balance
When there are problems in a person’s life whether it be emotional or physical it can have an effect on one of the chakras throwing the person’s energy off balance. The body is always working to balance itself out and if one can begin to understand their chakras and how to center themselves, they can begin to live a healthier life all the way around. 

A person can learn through meditation to become more in tuned to their chakra centers and learn to balance whatever is causing them an imbalance. Opening these chakras can allow a person to live the life they were meant to live.

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