Tori Spelling on: Energy Healing and Finding Her Voice - Part II

Published Date 9/7/2016
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What significance does Tori's love of Rose Gold play in her life?

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During my last interview with Tori Spelling, we talked candidly about her experiences with different types of energy healing. Did you know that the actress-mom-wife-entrepreneur-designer (she goes by many names now, not just Donna from Beverly Hills 90210) is an avid Reiki client and crystal owner? In Tori Spelling on: Energy Healing and Finding Her Voice Part I we covered everything from her biggest gripe on meditation and her husband Dean's spiritual secret to a goose bump-inducing Reiki session. If you missed Part 1, catch up here.

Now we'll dive into chakras, aura cleansing, and crystals. To start, I asked Tori for her favorite color. This might seem irrelevant, but those with background knowledge on the energy centers know that colors have intense energetic power. Ms. Spelling explained that while she doesn't have a "favorite color" per se, each one of her book covers is themed with a different color representative of her life at that time. So does it mean anything when your color choice changes throughout time? Is it just a trend? Tori admits to liking rose gold at the moment but that's likely nothing meaningful...or is it? 

When I brought up chakra healing, the star immediately thought of her on-point Reiki sessions. After seeing multiple physicians regarding her chronic stomach pain with no diagnosis, Tori was stumped. That is, until she got a second opinion from a few Reiki healers. They immediately blamed her Solar Plexus (Manipura) Chakra which is yellow in color and located just above the naval. "You've got an emotional blockage," they'd say with blithe matter-of-factness. Interestingly, one of the best ways to clear an emotional blockage is to get an aura cleansing, which Tori hasn't done before. For someone who admittedly carries around the emotional baggage of others, she could really benefit from this type of reading. And I couldn't help but wonder what an experienced psychic would say about Tori's aura--could it be so literal that they'd see yellow surrounding her? 

Tori was so excited to talk about crystals that we decided to leave the aura-analyzing up to the experts (and add it to her list of future readings!). Her love of crystals started years ago when her brother--who just so happens to be a life coach--gave her a rose quartz to find the strength to end a past relationship and heal her heart. Reluctant at first, Tori kept the crystal close to her in bed because it helped her feel safe, “like an adult form of a blankie.” A week later she broke up with the boyfriend feeling an odd sense of liberation. To this day, Tori swears by the power of crystals, bringing them on every flight with her for protection. She's into agate, malachite, and tiger's eye. "I really want a pyrite cube. It represents everything I need," she told me. That's when it clicked: Pyrite is a brassy/golden-yellow crystal. Throughout our entire interview, the colors gold and yellow kept resurfacing. I couldn't tell Tori exactly what this means for her, but I knew it was important. That's what Psychic Source Advisors are for, right?!

Just like Tori, take your time exploring the different types of energy healing you resonate most with and accept that maybe every single one isn't right for you. While meditation doesn't come easily to Tori, she's seen and felt the effects of crystal healing first-hand. Through trial and error, find what works and what's the most fun. With practice and patience, energy healing can be a life-changing, eye-opening experience. And you might even find your new "favorite color!"

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