Sunbathing in the Snow - The Power of Being Recharged by Nature by Psychic Radha

Published Date 3/3/2020
Category: Health & Wellness

Reconnecting with nature is important - even in winter!

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When Spring appears connecting with Nature is almost instantaneous! Summer hits and all is bared to the sun but when winter arrives, we tend to bundle up and hide away. 

Stop that! 

Recalibrating yourself during the winter season is just as critical if not more so. Here is what you do. When the sun appears, grab your biggest blanket, wrap yourself in soft loose clothing, your bikini beneath and snuggle into a big down coat. Grab your crystals and your mala/japa/rosary beads not to pray or meditate but to have them with you, just because. 

Find that sweet spot, perhaps on a small hill overlooking trees, or a mountain or next to an icy stream. 

Arrange your blanket upon the ground and lay down upon as if this was a summer day.

You will feel your buttocks chill, but you will also feel the warmth of the sun upon your skin. Bury yourself in the warmth of the sun. forgetting the cold, preferring to focus on the sun’s rays as they hit the snow bouncing their light and warmth upon you. 

Now you are ready, for you have brought nothing with you, no cell phone (you can have it with you, but put it in airplane mode or just turn it off while you practice this), no books, no tarot cards, no journal… just you and Mother Nature. If you have your crystals lay them upon your root and sacral chakras upon your heart and perhaps your throat chakra. If you did not bring them, relax and just be. 

Feel the cold breeze and the contrast of the sun’s rays upon your exposed skin. Watch the bright blue sky. Perhaps today it is still blue or filled with the armadas of clouds passing overhead like great ships. Be as free as you were when you were 3 or 4 years old. Now breath in, and exhale. Fill your lungs with the gratitude of being alive, right here, right now as you are. 

Hear the cry of a hawk or the sound of crow. Hear the wind ruffle their fingers through the branches encrusted by snow and ice. Inhale the nature's winter perfume which is fresh and brisk and intoxicating clearing all the winter cobwebs from your head. 

Just be right now.
Don’t think and when you do erase that thought with the words: thank you, thank you, thank you. Tears may slide down your cheeks, welcome them. You might begin to laugh, welcome that. 

Now call upon Pacha Mama/Gaia/Bhumi the great mother earth who is now cradling you within her arms. You are safe right now, so safe that you might feel the warmth of her love so powerfully that you want to expose more of your flesh to the sun’s warmth. Do that. 

Surrender to the elements; the sun, the sky, the wind, the trees, the snow, and mother earth. Don’t be concerned with time, in fact right now, time has no place here. You might be out for an hour maybe even two, what matters is that you’re being healed on multiple energetic levels by nature. 

You can feel her working on you.

It feels good and yet at the same time, this silent goodness is so potent that calcified blocks within your root, sacral, solar plexus and heart chakra start shaking --tumbling out of you. This moment might be so potent that you begin to weep having no idea why tears are being purged. Welcome them. Allow them to flow. 

Stay the course. 

If you do, your clearing, cleansing will complete itself and you will rise from mother earth fully recharged, like a Solar battery that has been cleansed by the organic wisdom of Nature. By the power of the sun reflected upon the snow. Do this and mark my words, you will rise, feeling clean, empowered and dare I say it? Smiling. 

One final note… If you live in an Urban area self-care is about making the aforementioned happen. Set up a getaway with a partner, best friend or relative to make this happen. This kind of healing is not something you push off but gift yourself for the greater benefit of being reconnected to the vastness of life, your life, this life, now.  

DISCLAIMER: Be smart - don’t catch a case of frostbite. Perform this only when the temperature is comfortable enough to allow you to be outside and exposed to the elements of winter.  Depending where you live, your weather conditions will vary. Safety first. 

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