Stress Less: 5 Simple Tricks to Reducing Your Stress Levels

Published Date 12/26/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

Stress doesn't have to rule your life

From work to family to love, life can get stressful. Instead of letting stress overwhelm you, try a few easy ways to reduce this feeling in your life. Read on for five simple tricks to reducing your stress levels.

Be There

When you have a lot going on, it’s easy to focus on your to-do list or try to plan ahead anywhere you are. Though you might feel like you’re getting ahead, you’re really missing out what’s happening all around you. Make an effort to be present, no matter where you find yourself. Take a few minutes to set aside your worries and focus on the physical aspects of your current location. Notice the scents, the feel of the breeze, and the sensations emanating from those around you. Let yourself enjoy the moment without worrying about the future.

Get Moving

When there’s too much to do, it’s easy to stay focused on checking things off your to-do list instead of caring for yourself. This can translate to days or weeks of sitting in front of a computer or in the car. While you might be getting things done, you’ll feel worse if you don’t get moving. Set aside 30 minutes or an hour each day, and exercise in a way that makes you feel good, whether it’s power walking, running, swimming, or yoga. Remember to be present while you’re getting physical.

Be Social

High stress levels can prompt a desire to withdraw and keep to yourself, but closing yourself off and managing stress on your own isn’t healthy. It’s important to be social and keep up ties with family and friends, even if the nature of your social activities has to change slightly. You might not have time to go out with the girls every night, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch up once a week or keep in touch by phone. Maintaining personal connections and having someone to talk to or run things by can do wonders for your stress levels.

Go Offline

It’s important to stay connected, but it’s far too easy to take that to the extreme. If you find that you can’t put your smartphone down or you’re constantly checking your social media feeds to compare yourself to your friends, it’s time to give it a rest. Establish an offline period each day, and make sure you turn off all computers, smart devices, and TVs. Consider setting aside an entire offline day each week, and use that extra time to reconnect with friends and family in person.

Learn to Adapt

Sometimes the biggest points of stress come from trying to modify things that you just can’t change. When you’re up against a brick wall, try adapting to the new situation instead of trying to change it to your liking. Remember that you can’t control anyone but yourself, so try modifying your reactions instead of altering the environment around you. An authentic psychic can help you work through some of these challenging reactions.

Don’t let stress take over your life. Try these five methods for reducing these feelings, and consider reaching out for a tarot reading to get to the bottom of the stress in your life.


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