Spreading Positive Energy: The Second Annual Day of Light

Published Date 6/3/2015
Category: Health & Wellness

Join our advisors and spread the love on The Day of Light!

Last year Psychic Source brought Advisors, customers, and the rest of the world together to join hands and hearts in a day of warmth, goodness, love, and light. The second annual Day of Light, June 21st 2015, is being held on the summer solstice to hold true to a newfound tradition. At 12pm, all participating Advisors will meditate for goodness, focusing on projecting energy to those who’ve asked to be included.

The event is being spread via social media using the hashtag #PSDayofLight and followed via our Twitter/Instagram handle @PsychicSource . 

Want to be included?

Post: “I need positivity for _____ #PSDayofLight” by June 20th on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all 3!). 

Feel free to meditate for peace along with our Advisors at noon on June 21st, and don’t forget to spread the word (and the love!). If we all put our intentions into the Universe together, great things can happen!

Names and extensions of Advisors who will participate:
Aquarius x7684
Rosilyn x9175
Allegra x8065
Dawn x9187
Penelope x7710
Julia x9194
Irena x8086
Juliana x7991
Dakota x8507
Analisa x8670
Yana x9104
Violette x8142
Arielle x8367
Jelani x9185
Kali x7635
Cadwen x8357
Maureen x7378
Kristine x8223
Liz x7127
Sage x8292
PJ x8907
Mazie x7124
Emily x9072
Magic Tami x7275
Vetina x7350
Kimberle x8608
Owen x9132
Caron x8188
Gracie x8035
Angela x8066
Sarah Rose x8377
Rachel x8194
Mattie x8061
Marie x7394
Stella x7343
Betty x7514
Elijah x8233
Morganna x9085
Adam x9028
Lexi x8036
Ada x9110
Janax x7750
Pearl x7638
sadia x8659
Joseph x7535
Delia x9106
Paige x7868
Rhiannon x7661
Zatanna x7220
Zoey x8454
Roxanna x7008
Karenna x7924
Addison x9189
Cathy x9061
Katie x9191
Sapphire x8976
Zora x8504
Narnia x7735
Catalina x9200
Edward x9075
Clarity x9083
Dharma x8113
Cynthia x8121
Cheyenne x7505
Crystal x8074
Shannon x9081
Sofia x7965
Marisol x9133
Connie x8077
Dona x8105
Bonnie x7982
Chandi x7295
Kay x7102
Beau x7839
Kendra x9174
Heather x7756
Skylar x9090
Anja x8147
Brad x9114
Megan x7688
Pixie x8117
Anthony x8064
Serina x7553
Lynette x9068
Constance x9125
Eve x9188
Arthur x8237
Trecinda x7031
Lily x7782
Laney Marie x7598
Bridgette x8133
Gigi x7351
Annette x8673
Ben x7915
Kimberle x8608
Lauren x9193
Ricky x8106
Erin x9152
Luna x9177
Cory x7690
Moira x7776
Rowen x7029
Lindsey x7549
Cass x7943
Venus x8854
Seraphina x9023
Samantha x7675
Dorothy x9153
Cybill x8681
Nancy x8068
Beth x7946
Susan x7963
Nevaeh x7933
Kya x8004
Lally x8941
Misty x7330
Olivia x9121
Leena x7951
Peg x7696
Shandra x8225
Chance x7542
Brodi x7563
Frank x7628
Kira x7822
Indigo x8897
Colin x8953
Nisa x8137
Nikki x9202
Bella Skye x8262 
Phoebe x9016
Agata x9195
Liam x9203
Josephine x8120
Barbara x7866
Rheda x8860
Karen x8095

Every Tuesday and Friday from June 5th thru June 19th, look for insightful new articles about The Day of Light. And be sure to join us for our day of positive thoughts and intentions on June 21st. 

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Seagreen1304: Know am so post to put this on other sites and if it is not too late, please send positive light & thoughts in clearing up my finances, my current job to bountiful and its environment to be more pleasant free of hostility. Miscellaneous things that were promised to me initially that will be given without having to ask and any service and wasted experience I received in the past that was false and/or a waste that the $ will come back to me. Let positivity & light assist in building myself physically and mentally in my new life and in guiding me to the right place and organization in surrounding me with helpful, credible and important people in achieving my wishes and aspirations. Let me also surrounded by people whose genuine relationships I will cherish and a man that I wish and aspired to have in a husband.

cooladye: please send positive light into my love life and job

LondonCalling87: Please send positive energy for the current situations I am facing.

Armand08: “I need positivity for my health and my love life. #PSDayofLight” by June 20th on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all 3!).

Dawn7777: Please send love and light to me and my family

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