Passionate Detachment - Manifestations Juicy Little Secret by Psychic Angelica

Date 6/27/2018

Ask for what you desire!

Ask for what you desire!

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Often I am asked why something or someone has not manifested into the physical, even when faithfully practicing the Law of Attraction. My first reply is usually "all in Divine and perfect order." However, there is a step sometimes missed or forgotten: the Art of Allowing. When focusing hard on what we desire - without passionate detachment to the outcome - we may reverse focus towards lack. The more badly you want something, the more you focus on it, and therefore the more fear you may create around not getting it. Abundance on all levels is our birthright. There's really no need to focus too hard on getting anything. The secret to manifesting your heart's desire effortlessly requires shifting from a state of focus to a state of allowing.

The Universe Loves Gratitude and Appreciation.
Be thankful for both the big and the small blessings in your life right now. Power comes when we find gifts in the issues that one might label a roadblock or simply negative. To tell if you are allowing what you desire to come into your life, you must feel no resistance. No resistance means you are letting go of whatever holds you back from allowing your manifestations to come into your life. Trust and faith in the highest good allows you to be passionate about desire, but also to let go of how, when and where it shows up.

Create balance between passion for our desires and a reasonable detachment from the outcome, resulting in truly passionate detachment. We live in a state of grace when we learn to enjoy the journey with a positive outlook and maintain confidence we're being led in the right destination, even if the destination differs from our original vision. 

We co-create our life and our future by our thoughts, words and actions.
As we learn to create from a place of love and abundance, doing so without fear, lack and limitation, we naturally align with Source.

While practicing manifestation, whatever you are focusing on, focus with the essential emotions of love, joy and peace. Whatever we desire must always be for the highest good for all involved, without any manipulation.

Lastly, passionate detachment is a state of being wholly involved in life. We will be vulnerable and open, yet always able to step back and observe meaningfully, seeing everything and everyone from a higher perspective. 

My Formula for Manifesting the Life You Desire:

1. Ask for what you desire. Make a command to the Universe!
2. Believe. Believe that whatever you desire is already in your life.
3. Receive. Be open with passionate detachment on how, when and where this desire shows up.

Blessings and gratitude, 

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