Opening your Heart Chakra: Balancing Body and Mind

Published Date 11/16/2015
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Balance your body and mind by learning to open your heart chakra

Your heart chakra sits in the center of all seven major chakras. It connects the three mind chakras to the three body chakras, and when it's blocked, it creates anxiety and loneliness. Here are eight ways to open your fourth chakra.

Chakra Breathing

The Chakra Breath, or Ten/Ten/Ten Breath, is one great way to open your heart chakra. Slowly and deeply, breathe while counting to ten. Hold for a count of ten, and then exhale for a count of ten. Repeat as much as you need to balance your body and mind.

Practice Yoga

Yoga helps open your heart chakra and also lets positive energy flow. Asanas are a great thing to try. These include poses such as the camel, sphinx, fish, and cat as well as the chest fly kundalini exercise. By arching your chest during these exercises, positive energy easily flows to your heart.

Sound Vibration

Say "raise," and notice how your heart chakra vibrates as you hold that vowel sound. Imagine a bright green light that radiates from this chakra, sending balancing and healing energy to your body.


Essential oils that promote a balanced fourth chakra include hyssop, marjoram, lavender, angelica, chamomile, neroli, jasmine, rose, rosemary, ylang ylang, frankincense, and sandalwood. When you use these oils, think about positive memories and let the oils absorb all negative energy.

Take Time to Reflect

An important step to opening your heart chakra is taking the time to reflect. Instead of expecting mercy for yourself and not others, open your heart to wish mercy for all. Taking the time to reflect on your true wishes can unblock your heart chakra and lead to healing.

Crystal Therapy

Vibrations from crystals help to heal chakras. To use this method, lie in a quiet space with the crystal on the center of your chest. Relax while allowing the crystal to take hold of your negative vibrations, filling you instead with positivity. After you've done this for ten minutes, put the stone in a bowl of water so you can cleanse it of negative energy and renew its power. An authentic psychic can provide you with more information on crystal therapy. 


Meditation is another great way to open your fourth chakra. To start, sit comfortably with your legs crossed and your eyes closed. Allow yourself to relax completely, then envision a green light that comes out of the center of your chest and spreads out to engulf you. Let the light move from your head to your toes.

Redefine What Bothers You

You can transform triggers for annoyance into reminders of gratitude. When you get annoyed at your kids for making a mess of your home, stop to think about how lucky you are to have a home and kids to make a mess of it. Any annoyance can become an opportunity for gratitude, in turn opening your fourth chakra.

By opening your heart chakra, you can start to heal emotional pain with mindfulness and compassion. These different methods are a great start to unblocking your heart and opening yourself to the world surrounding you. Speaking with an online psychic can also help you in opening your heart chakra and revealing your best, true self.


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