Making Resolutions With Meaning

Published Date 12/30/2015
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Whether your New Year's resolutions involve losing weight, quitting smoking, or volunteering, share them with others.

Every year, you make a couple of New Year's resolutions, but you somehow forget about them before Valentine's Day. The problem might not have anything to do with the resolutions themselves. Instead, perhaps you're approaching them the wrong way.

Finding Meaning in New Year's Resolutions

Time lists several of the most popular (and most broken) New Year's resolutions, which include losing weight, getting out of debt, reducing stress, and volunteering more often. All of these sound like worthy goals, so why do they fail?

If you've fallen into this trap, perhaps you're putting too much emphasis on the goal itself and neglecting the meaning behind the goal. For example, why do you want to lose weight? Maybe you want to be healthier so you're around for your kids, or perhaps you want to pursue a fitness-related endeavor, such as completing a marathon.

Instead of thinking about your resolutions in terms of goals to meet, spend some time pondering the meaning behind the goals. Why do you want to meet a particular milestone? What does it mean to you?

Making Resolutions a Family Affair

You can also add more meaning to your New Year's resolutions if you share them with the people you love. Make it a family affair, creating resolutions and tracking them together. Involve your kids or even your extended family.

Not only does this add more meaning to your New Year's resolutions, but it also makes you more likely to stick with your goals. According to Fast Company, sharing your resolutions creates a social connection and keeps you accountable.

If your family members don't express interest in sharing New Year's resolutions, find other people in your social circle to join you. Friends, colleagues, and fellow hobbyists can all join forces to give resolutions more meaning and weight.

Seeking Outside Support

Sometimes you need help achieving your New Year's resolutions. If you struggle with a difficult or time-consuming resolution, consult a therapist or talk with an online psychic. These professionals can provide invaluable and objective guidance as you navigate your way to your goal.

Sometimes a third party can see an obstacle with more clarity. You're extremely close to your New Year's resolutions, so you might develop blind spots that prevent you from meeting your commitments. Don't assume you have to do it alone.

Changing Your Resolutions

You probably didn't carve your New Year's resolutions in stone, so allow yourself some flexibility. In March, you might decide that the woodworking hobby you vowed to pick up no longer interests you. Change your resolution to something else.

Stay faithful to the meaning behind your resolution and not the goal itself. For example, you might have decided to try woodworking because you need a creative outlet. Remain true to the spirit of the goal and shift your sights to another creative pursuit, such as photography or sculpting.

When you make more meaningful New Year's resolutions, you enjoy the process more, and you feel more fulfilled when you stick to them. If you're struggling with your New Year's resolutions, psychic phone readings might help you clarify your thoughts and develop more meaningful aspirations.


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