How We Lead Two Lives

Published Date 3/26/2018
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One of your lives doesn't tell the whole story.

The beauty of social media is that you can use it to craft the story you want to tell your family and friends. However, as a result, most people end up leading double lives, as their social media profiles don't tell the full story. Whether your online profile tends to look upbeat and positive or challenging and negative, there's a good chance it creates a misleading view of your life. Find out why most people lead two lives and how you can make this a healthier practice.

Why People Often Lead Two Lives

If you have used social media for long, you know how exciting it is when someone likes, reacts to, or comments on something you've posted. That validation can become addictive, and most people find they want more of it even though it isn't real.

After a while, you'll be able to identify the kinds of posts that tend to get the most dramatic reactions from your followers. You might even skew your posts toward what you think will give you the most affirmation. After all, why post something that's true but won't elicit many reactions when you could post something that isn't exactly accurate but offers more validation?

Which Aspects Tend to Appear Most Distorted

You don't have to be a wordsmith or a professional photographer to create posts and images that highlight only what you want others to see. For example, simple photo filters make it easy to alter your appearance. You can remove your perceived imperfections and smooth out any irregularities you might want to hide, but you'll ultimately erase your unique beauty.

Most people experience relationship issues from time to time, but if the only things you post about your partner highlight how wonderful he is, your followers may assume your relationship is picture-perfect. You may miss out on the ability to make deeper connections with others over issues that everyone experiences.

How to Decrease the Divide

Perhaps the easiest way to decrease the divide between real life and your social media life is to spend less time online. Try setting a social media schedule for yourself, and build in long periods of time or even entire days when you don't log in. Over time, you'll decrease your dependence on social media and stop seeking virtual affirmation.

This is where the hard work truly begins. As any authentic psychic can tell you, looking inside yourself for validation and happiness can be difficult. To be happy in the long run, however, you'll need to provide the affirmation you seek rather than looking outward. When you acknowledge and love your whole self, rather than just the filtered and edited parts you share online, you're bound to achieve greater acceptance of and happiness with yourself.

Embracing self-love doesn't come easily to everyone, especially if your life is a bit messier than your social media profile would have others believe. Chat with a psychic online to talk over self-confidence issues and learn more about channeling your energy in a positive direction.


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