How to Move on from 2020 by Psychic Rowan

Published Date 1/4/2021
Category: Health & Wellness

Welcome in the New Year with some relaxing meditation.

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A wise man once told me “the only thing that is consistent in life, is change.” The year 2020 will be remembered as one of tremendous upheaval, loss, limitation and change. We must, at times like these, take time to sit with our pain and let it teach us about ourselves. Why? Because when we know ourselves, we are less likely to be swayed by others, or by circumstance. In times of confusion, chaos and uncertainty, we need to become our own anchor in the storm.

Just 20 Minutes a Day…

When life becomes tumultuous, as we’ve all seen in 2020, we can counter the chaos with a search for inner peace. By spending 20 minutes a day in meditation, listening to the breath, focusing on a sound or sounds, when the thoughts come (which they will), we observe them and let them go and return to the breath, sound or sounds.

In yoga, we use the drshti (which translates to “eyesight”) to focus the gaze on an object to anchor the yogi into the pose. It is not a forced action, the gaze is soft and relaxed, but it does not waver, and serves to anchor the practitioner into the exercise. In the same way we can work with the mind, using breath or sound, or even movement (if walking and meditating is your thing, please remain situationally aware). When we are in regular communion with our deep selves, we will be better able to cope with situations we cannot control. The only thing we have absolute control over is our own Self, and we are (whether we like to admit it or not) responsible for every thought, action or reaction we have. Therefore, we owe it to ourselves and our loved ones to be able to anchor in and ride out the storms of life. For the one constant we can count on in life, is change.

Weather Any Storm

Once we have ourselves anchored through regular practice in meditation, yoga or prayer, we are better able to weather any storm. This daily commitment to our own wellbeing is our best defense against the perceived threats to health, welfare and mental clarity that could carry over into 2021.

We want to see positive change in the world, but we look at the “big picture” in this way, it feels overwhelming and we think it impossible. However, within the microcosm of society, each of us plays an important part, and if every one of us had to take control of our self in this way, society would be healed. When we can be calm in the now, we can face our future with confidence.

The year 2020 will be remembered far into the future corridors of time as a year of astonishing change, growth and revealing. We are here to witness changes that will resonate for decades. Let us set an example of strength and resilience, let us be known as the greatest generation of this first century of the Age of Aquarius.

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