How To Cultivate Self-Love in Difficult Times

Date 12/15/2022
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You have so much love for others. How can you enjoy a greater level of love for yourself?

You have so much love for others. How can you enjoy a greater level of love for yourself?

Recent events have taken their toll on our minds, bodies, and spirits. If there is a silver lining in any of this, it’s been that the Universe has issued a wake-up call that we need to find new ways to take care of ourselves, each other, and the planet. Karma has revealed to us the laws of cause and effect on a global scale and given us the opportunity to awaken to new ways of being in a world, where kindness and love prevail. 
Self-love and self-care hold the keys to going beyond simply coping to thriving, despite these trying times. You might never hesitate to show love to others, whether you're caring for your family or lending a hand to a dear friend. How much love do you give yourself, though? To that end, we’ve been exploring several topics related to self-love and self-care, which we’ve recapped below. Discover how to cultivate self-love and learn how to bring those heartfelt feelings full circle. Use this guide to navigate to the content most helpful to you or bookmark these free self-care resources for future access.

It All Starts with Self-love

When you love yourself, everything in life flows more smoothly. According to Psychic MacKenzie, in Love Yourself First, “having love for yourself is not only necessary for you to feel happy but for others to love you and feel happy in your presence. You will attract others with your own genuine confidence when you truly can live a full and happy life on your own.” But in times like these, how can you find happiness? It starts, according to Psychic Narnia, by believing that you deserve to be happy and never giving up on yourself.

Self-care is Self-love in Practice

Often misunderstood, self-care is, according to Psychic Paige, “a conscious and deliberate strategy and activity that enables us to nurture our bodies, mind and spirit so we may give back to others.”  Making time for self-care is a far cry from the selfish activity we often think it is. Instead, putting caring for yourself first allows you to do your best for those you love.

If you’re struggling to care for yourself first, then this self-care primer will provide some simple ways to get started making you a priority. In times of high stress, the connection of self-care and mental health is more critical than ever. You may find the tips in this article on Managing Anxiety helpful, or try listening to this guided meditation podcast, Anxiety First Aid – by Psychic Rachelle.

Set Boundaries

If you’re a people pleaser, you're likely to feel a constant compulsion to offer your time and energy to others. But constant giving can leave you depleted.  Keep your vibration high and your vitality strong by learning how to work with energy boundaries in this guided meditation by Psychic Avery.

Not every cause or person is deserving of your time and energy, however. Toxic people will challenge your boundaries and sense of self-worth. Don’t let energetic ties to toxic people hold you back a moment longer. Psychic Kristine explains when and how to cut cords with toxic people for peace of mind.

Clear Karmic Debt

We all make mistakes. Maybe we break confidence, betray a relationship, or hurt someone, and the karmic debts start to accrue. Maybe we’ve accumulated karmic debt from past lifetimes and we’re just now paying the price. Whether you’re feeling the karmic cause and effect within the same timeframe as the occurrence or experiencing karma as a past or future-life time warp, remember that karma runs according to its own sense of timing. Therefore, an often-overlooked self-care strategy is to regularly deposit kindness and good deeds into your karmic account. Here are some resources to understand how karma works and clear karmic debt.

Connect with Nature

Spending time in nature will quiet your mind, open your heart and connect you with the Divine. In this article and video on Connecting to Nature, we share strategies for embracing Nature’s gifts of peace and source energy, as well as some strategies for giving back to nature. Every relationship is a balance of give and take, and our relationship to nature is no different.

Practice Mindfulness

When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, it's easy to react quickly to your wants without giving them much thought. While this practice may help you work through a challenging period, it can also cause you to lose touch with yourself and what you truly care about.

Rather than putting your thoughts and actions on autopilot, give yourself time to reconnect with how you really feel and what you really need. You may find this podcast Make Time for Mindfulness by Psychic Mylie a helpful support for staying present.

Make Time to Meditate

Making time for meditation can be a challenge, yet it’s one of the most important tools for self-care we have. It costs nothing, can take as little as 5 minutes, and can turn your day around. Learn the benefits of meditation, some simple strategies to start a meditation practice, and simple techniques to make daily meditation a part of your self-care routine. 

Clear Your Home

An impactful way to take charge of self-care is to make some changes to your living space to create a safe haven for self-care and renewal. We take you through a step-by-step plan for decluttering, energetic clearing, and incorporating principles of feng shui in your home. For an extra dose of self-love, we show you how the power of light, aromatherapy, ad plants can bring feelings of peace and balance to you and your surroundings in this helpful guide.

Make a Plan

If we only think of self-care as an activity that is relaxing, then planning for the unexpected doesn’t sound like it deserves a role in our self-care arsenal, because it forces us to face fears we might prefer to avoid thinking about. Yet having a plan for contingencies and emergencies is actually a very loving thing to do, not just for others but also for ourselves. Time spent planning before a crisis enables us to move more gracefully through it when it occurs. In these uncertain times, the adage to always hope for the best and prepare for the worst is wise. But hear this - you don’t have to do it alone. Our psychic advisors are here to help you through difficult times, to gain insight and clarity, and to predict the most likely outcome of your current situation.

Keep Smiling

We know these are difficult times. But when you can take fear and pain and smile back with a deep understanding and compassion for the journey, their charge quickly dissolves, as more eloquently explained in the article, When Life Sucks, Choose To Smile Back By Psychic Radha. 

No matter where you are in your self-love journey, remember that it doesn't have to be a solo trip. Reach out to the best online psychics to partner with a trusted advisor who encourages you every step of the way.

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