How to Cope with Negative People by Psychic Lauralee

Published Date 7/2/2018
Category: Health & Wellness

Learn how to remain calm when dealing with negative people.

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Have you ever had a feeling of apprehension when you are around the drama caused by a negative, aggressive person in your mist? It is very common to feel defensive and uncomfortable. The body reacts with excessive adrenaline and your heart may start to race. This drama king or queen may have great qualities when they are not in “a mood”, and that makes you question yourself on this behavior. There are some people in our circle that need to be seen on a one to one basis if we are going to keep contact.

See Red and Stay Calm!
To control your health, try pressing your index finger and thumb together, while thinking of the color red. Your blood pressure will stay normal and you can remain calm. Going forward whenever you see the color red, even a traffic light, calmness will come over you. This really works! Your tone of voice will remain calm and you can deal with this person in a rational fashion. It is pointless to try and change a point of view in this circumstance, so excusing yourself is probably the best solution.

When you must work with a person with this disposition, you need to learn how to cope daily. You must think of your own health, so practice this thumb exercise as it is a proven method in the medical profession to keep one calm. There is no job worth your health, so if all else fails, try to find a new one.
As we mature, we come to think of these people as dispensable from our life, because they thrive on drama, bullying or bad behavior. We do not have to enable this behavior by including them anymore.

Give it some thought… your friendship is for those that value it.

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