How to Achieve Your Goals with a Personal Mantra

Published Date 10/10/2014
Category: Health & Wellness

Meditate on your personal mantra before sunrise

The word mantra is a combination of the word “man,” meaning mind, and “tra” which is the heat of life. So it makes sense that using a mantra, combining the powerful forces of your mind and the heat of life, could help you achieve anything your heart desires. Here’s how to get started.

Develop Your Personal Mantra

The first step in this process is to figure out what your personal mantra should be. The best way to do this is to make an honest assessment of your life and consider what might motivate you or encourage you to be better. It might be something you make up yourself or a favorite quote or proverb. “I choose to live,” “Action conquers fear,” and “Trust in the process of life,” are all great mantras.

If you’re not sure what your mantra should be, you might like to call a psychic hotline. A telephone psychic reading can help you find a mantra that will resonate with you.

Say Your Mantra Every Day

Many experts believe that a personal mantra is most effective when you say it every day. You could say it out loud or silently in your own mind if you prefer.

Your choice is less important than finding the time to practice your mantra and really absorb what it means to you every day. Getting into the habit of saying your mantra at least three times while you’re doing a daily activity, such as brushing your hair, can ensure you don’t forget this important repetition. When it’s in the front of your mind, you’ll be better able to achieve your goals.

Write Your Mantra Down

It’s also useful to write your personal mantra down. Repeating this activity helps fix your mantra into your subconscious mind. You might also like to put your handwritten mantras in places where you’ll read them, like on your fridge, pinned to your dresser, or stuck to your office computer screen on a post-it note. Reading your mantra at random moments in your day will help you keep your focus and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Meditate on It

Indian tradition encourages people to meditate on their personal mantras. According to ancient Vaishnava customs, you should meditate on your mantra during brahma-muhurta, which is the period before sunrise. You might bathe in holy water or a local water source before visiting your local temple. It’s a good idea to sing your mantra and use chanting beads or Rosaries.

It can be difficult to stay focused on your mantra, but you shouldn’t be discouraged if your mind wanders. Instead, remind yourself training the mind is difficult and you are doing your best. Accepting that you aren’t perfect, without any judgment, will ensure you’re not discouraged and keep you in the best frame of mind to achieve your goals. 

When you develop your personal mantra and apply it to your daily life, who knows what you could achieve?


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