Feeling Stuck? Raise your Vibration and Develop your Intuition by Psychic Ava

Date 10/1/2019

Meditate to help raise your vibration.

Meditate to help raise your vibration.

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We all experience times in our lives where we are caught in a relationship, a job, or living situation that is not in our best interest. But, we do not always know what to do next. This leaves us feeling drained, negative, anxious and maybe even depressed and in a constant state of wanting something better. Take your inner messages that something is just not right and use that as a compass for new beginnings and improvements within yourself and your life. 

Some methods that can be implemented into your daily life in small portions at a time can end up with some pretty immense manifestations and changes. 

Step 1 -  Quiet the Mind and Learn to Listen to your Higher-Self

What is your higher-self you ask? Your higher-self is you, at soul form. Only your inner-truth exists here. You will find the purest answers here, the ones that are best for you. If you are learning to listen to your higher-self and you are not used to doing so, you may experience critical, negative, or analyzing thoughts. That is simply your ego speaking and is completely normal. Your higher-self, on the other hand, has a much more positive and pure form, and you will learn to be able to tell the difference with time and practice. 

Step 2 – Meditation and Crystals

Some people like to use crystals to assist them in developing intuition (or higher-self). I highly recommend amethyst, especially if this is a new practice for you. You may benefit from guided meditation recordings, calming music, or silence. I highly recommend at least calming music to start. Even guided chakra meditations are a great way to familiarize yourself with the energy systems of the body. 

Step 3 – Get Comfortable and Escape to the Music

The most important part of this is your comfort. You must get your physical body in a position that is comfortable and relaxing. Some people prefer sitting up, or laying down flat on their back. You are comfortable? Wonderful! Now, the best thing to do, is to get in sync with the music, relax, and let your mind wander where it needs to without judgement. This will help you to get in touch with listening to your inner thoughts. You are free in this state of mind.

After a few sessions of letting your mind drift from place to place, and getting familiar with the euphoria that comes with meditation – you can begin to ask yourself questions about your life direction. When you begin to receive clear yes/no answers and other guidance, you will know that your higher-self is present with you. This will always be a calming experience. It will never give negative advice, only nudges in the correct direction. 

The key to this is to be able to raise your vibration and develop use of your inner-compass so you can create the life you have always wanted. Please note that time and practice varies from person to person. Your higher-self will always be with you once you have exercised your ability to tune in through meditation.

For more on the benefits of Meditation and Crystals, check out our free Energy Healing Guide.

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