Embracing Aging by Psychic Jae

Date 8/26/2021
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Age is just a number! But a positive attitude goes a long way!

Age is just a number! But a positive attitude goes a long way!

In today’s society, looking and feeling young is glorified. We should definitely strive to be as healthy as possible. But society is promoting the superficiality of youth. On the contrary, anything associated with aging is swept under the rug.

Are you getting wrinkles? Try this cream!

Are you experiencing a new change? Let’s stop it!

Is your hair getting white? You have to dye it!

Sound familiar?

Topics like aging, death, and dying have been converted into a taboo topic that no one wants to talk about. Yet, every single person will experience it at some point in their lives. “To live to see your life evolve, your children grow and more gifts to come should be such a rich experience but the minute we look into the mirror and see those crow’s feet, and jowls we stop and feel a shifting mood of subtle grieving.” notes my colleague Psychic Rhada. If you're the one in a million who wants to embrace the changes that come along with aging, keep reading.

Let Go of The Expectations

Just because there are stereotypes, doesn’t mean you have to follow or believe them. Let go of any expectations that society has placed upon you as you age. Release any perceived expectations that have been placed upon yourself and live your life the way you want to live it. I know many people who say, "I feel better in my 40s or 50s than I did in my 20s.” It shouldn't be a shock to feel your best at any age. We manifest based on our expectations. Expect the best and you'll create it. But also, any changes that come with aging shouldn't be demonized. Embrace the journey of life.

Adjust Your Attitude

Embrace a new attitude towards aging. Fighting against something that is inevitable will only make you feel worse. Instead, look towards a healthier, happier and stronger you! Take advantage of opportunities that come your way and maybe even make a positive difference in the world.

Develop a positive attitude by doing the following:

  • Be confident
  • Be positive
  • Be patient
  • Be a goal setter
  • Be a hard worker
  • Be accepting of change
  • And finally... Be open to new possibilities and better opportunities and learn from your mistakes.

Plus, a positive attitude about aging can actually help you to live longer. Recognize your own strengths, accomplishments, and wisdom and share it with others. You can do anything, regardless of your age.

Embrace Friendships

Surround yourself with people who support you and want to walk beside you on your journey through aging. Find people who you can laugh with and don’t care about what others think. there are studies of "Blue Zones" which are places where people live the longest and healthiest and one of the main factors is having a community of people you love.

Be open to making new friends at any age and connect with those you relate to. The internet is a grand virtual landscape that can help you communicate and connect with others.

Find Your Passion

Embrace what is important to you and continue to do it. Don’t focus on the number or the expectation, just focus on what you love to do. Find out what makes you happy, rather than focusing on what society says should make you happy. Perhaps you can start investing your time into a favorite hobby or learn something new. Other examples include finding spirituality, identifying your strengths, building close relationships, caring for others, and practicing positive thinking.


One way to embrace aging is to focus on our wellness. Find ways to reduce your stress, make sure to get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet, and hydrate. Other options are to stay active, stimulate your mind, and find ways to incorporate self-care. With all of this being said, embrace simplicity and what makes you the happiest.

Everyone has an idea of what aging looks like. But, guess what? Aging looks different for everyone. Have a proactive outlook on life and focus your life on what brings you joy. Try not to worry about those silly expectations that society places upon us. Simplify, too. Things don't have to be complex

Psychics and Mindfulness

The act of self-awareness is the art of self-love. Meditation can be done actively as you talk, walk, read, breathe and do any activity. If you need help with transforming your perception around aging, look into working with a psychic advisor. They can give suggestions for helping the journey be more graceful or whichever your intention is.

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Jae has always had an infinity for the Divine. She started studying to develop as a psychic-medium at the age of 15. Over the last 20 years she has dived heart first into healing herself and passing on what she's learned to others. Her teachers range from master mediums in Lilydale to self-taught lovers of the Tarot and dedicated energy healers with more than 100 years of experience between them. She is constantly learning. Forever a lover of life, Jae only shares wisdom in her articles from first-hand experiences and remains committed to supporting the spiritual community.

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