How to Get Rid of Negative Energy in Your Home

Date 3/24/2023
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Step One To Cleanse Your Home - Declutter

Step One To Cleanse Your Home - Declutter

The outside world is more chaotic than ever. With all that gets thrown at us, it is important to have our homes feel like a haven from all of the turmoil out there. Bringing in and maintaining positive energy at home is a subtle, but powerful, form of self-care. When you make time to keep the positive energy flowing at home you’ll find it’s easier to keep your personal positive energy high, which in turn will have a ripple effect on the energy with your interaction with others. 
So how do we banish negative energy from our home and make room for positive energy?  You’ll want to do a thorough house cleanse, one that combines a bit of elbow grease and metaphysical principles.

Step One- Declutter 

Marie Kondo was on to something when she asked people to consider if items in her home sparked joy. Having too many things that you don’t interact too often with or have no real attachment to are an energetic drain on your living space. It also isn’t efficient to attempt any sort of energy clearing on a cluttered area. Conducting a cleanse while there is an ongoing source of negative energy is rather like shoveling snow from your driveway while it is still snowing. If you’d like to align the energy of the moon to your efforts, the best time to start cleansing is during a waning moon, especially four days after the full moon. Donate what you can for extra karma points!  

Step Two – Physical Cleaning 

Both physical and energetic gunk can be broken down with a good old-fashioned cleaning. Open the windows, even just an inch if it's cold outside. Mix sea salt with water (a little salt goes a long way!). The water can be tap or filtered—it doesn’t matter. The salt is the key component. Use your fingers to sprinkle the saltwater around the perimeter of each room. Lighting white candles accelerates this process but it’s not necessary. The open windows allow the negative energy to be released. Allow the saltwater to dry. You can also add a metaphysical element to cleaning by adding essential oils or herbs into your cleaning water. They have the bonus effect of making your space smell great! Lemon is a terrific choice to include in wash water, as is sea salt. Just keep in mind that not all surfaces are created equal. Do a spot check with any cleaning solutions to make sure they won’t damage your items. 

Step Three - Consider Arrangement 

The art of Feng Shui tells us that the positioning of items in your space can either help or hinder energetic flow. Consider the biggest items in the area first. You’ll want to put those in what is referred to as the command or commanding position of the room. The command position is located in the furthest spot in the room where the door is still visible to you. Placing big items of furniture, like your bed, right in front of the door is a no-no (more on how to compensate for less than perfect placement in the next section).  

Empty spaces can affect things too. For instance, it isn’t ideal to have kitchen cabinets that don’t extend up to the ceiling. Stagnant energy can collect there. However, that area is a perfect place for green plants or to display loved objects. Just make sure to dust regularly. 

Think about entrances and exits to your space too. If you have any squeaky door hinges, oil them. That whining sound they make can subconsciously affect your well-being. Also be sure to use your main entrance more often than a back door or garage entrance to keep the chi flowing well. 

Your house is your sacred space. Your wealth, health, and happiness all begin at home. Psychic Holly teaches you how to use a Bagua Compass and Bagua Map to help create daily balance and harmony. 

Step Four – Add in Healing Elements 

Indoor plants for positive energy

If the energy flow is still off after moving things around or if your newly decluttered space feels a little empty, you should consider adding in cozy and energy uplifting touches. Plants are a perfect way to bring a bit of nature indoors and act as energy filters. Plants often have special associations with them as well, like jasmine for romance, lavender for peace, or rosemary for clarity of thought. But if you don’t have a green thumb there are easier options that still keep the energy of your space high. Look for low fuss houseplants, like spider plants or succulents that only need to be watered monthly.

Good energy crystals for your home

Crystals also add beautiful touches to your space and draw in specific types of energy. Keep a little rose quartz near your bed for positive romantic vibes. You’ll want to keep negative energy blockers like obsidian and tourmaline near the doors and hallways to soak up stress and other bad vibes. Quartz with flecks of tourmaline in it are perfect for spaces you do uplifting activities like meditation or yoga. It soaks up the negative while maximizing positive energy flow.

Add your personal touch

It’s important to consider the space you are creating. If you are just clearing out a small space to for meditation and relaxation, make sure it is a cozy place you’ll enjoy and look forward to spending time in. Have some pillows or blankets nearby if you think you’ll need them. Add meaningful items to your space to like your grandmother’s rosary, a book of quotes that lifts your spirits, or a picture that makes you smile. If you’ll be doing spiritual self-care there, find a space for things like tarot cards, worry stones, a journal, and candles. Things that bring positive energy into your home don’t always have to be serious either. Laughing is good for the soul, so if it would be comforting to add some lighthearted touches, go ahead and do so.  

Step Five - Color Your Space

No need to paint the walls. Splashes of these colors around a designated room will accentuate that color's energy vibration. Pick the color for each room as per the energy you want in that particular room.

Red: consistency and concentration
Orange: confidence and increased energy
Yellow: lifts your spirit
Green: creativity
Blue: peaceful and soothing
Purple: inspiration and intuition

Step Six – Energetic Cleansing

Now you are ready to clear out the last bits of energetic detritus from your living space. Smudging with sage is an extremely popular choice to clear negative energy. People often turn to sage for this, but make sure your sage is ethically grown and obtained. Lavender and sweetgrass are sometimes included in sage bundles or even available on their own to bring in additional soothing energies.

Not crazy about sage? Try using incense sticks or cones. Different scents have different purposes. While sage is an excellent choice when you move into a new home, rosemary and thyme are effective purifiers after an illness. Frankincense is ideal after the breakdown of a relationship, myrrh promotes peace and harmony, and sandalwood attracts luck and prosperity into a home. If you have issues with any kind of smoke (or are living with someone who does) you can try cleaning with sound vibrations. A bell or a singing bowl will also dispel heavy energy. You can also try an essential oil diffuser.

To perform the energetic cleansing take your burning sage or alternate tool you are using and start at your front door. Walk in a widdershins (counterclockwise) direction from room to room.  Let the smoke or sound fill the air in the room as you walk through, paying special attention to doors, windows and corners, or any space where negative energy may linger.  Be sure to open some windows for the negative energies to escape.  As you walk from room to room, repeat the words "I cleanse and banish all negative energy from this space", or any similar words that mean something to you.

After you walk through the entire house, return to the front door.  While standing at the front door, say the words: "All negative energies are gone.  Only love lives here.  Only healing lives here. Only prosperity lives here." Repeat this or something similar until you feel that there is only good energy in the house.  Be sure to include the final chant, as when you banish one energy you need to replace it with another.

Step Seven – Maintenance

Space cleansing isn’t a one and done thing, any more than brushing your teeth is. You will want to do it again from time to time to avoid negative energy build up. It doesn’t always have to be involved as the steps outlined here, but it’s a good idea to keep incense and essential oils on hand for a quick energetic cleanse when there’s a buildup of negative energy, say like after a fight or when an unwanted guest leaves.

Also consider giving yourself a regular energetic cleanse. Just fill your bathtub with water and add sea salt and white vinegar (about 1/2 cup of each is fine.)  You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oils if you like.  Soak in the bath and visualize in your mind the bath cleaning your aura.  See all the negative energy on and around your body being washed away into the bath mixture.  When you are finished, rinse yourself off and see yourself clean both physically and spiritually.

Whether you have a small room or a whole house to work with, setting things up so your space is a true haven for your spirit is simple self-care that can really make a difference on your outlook. Taking better care of yourself by taking care of your space is a small but empowering step to take towards claiming a little peace to face an often overwhelming world.


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