Be Your Own Best Friend by Psychic Rowan

Date 1/11/2023
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A good relationship with yourself puts you on the path to happiness.

A good relationship with yourself puts you on the path to happiness.

This article is written with those in mind who are feeling lost and floundering. My goal is to provide a map for you to find ways to self-navigate out of the darkness you may find yourself in. Things are not as they seem - the seed experiences utter destruction in the birthing of a plant... everything is going to work out.

In the Meriam Webster's dictionary, there are two forms of the word discipline. For the purpose of this discussion, we will refer to the latter definition.

From Meriam Webster online:

Discipline - verb

  • to punish (someone) as a way of making sure that rules or orders are obeyed
  • to train (yourself) to do something by controlling your behavior

To be our own best friend means doing the things we know we need to do, and may not want to do, but we do them anyway. I'm not talking about self-care as in getting a manicure or planning a spa day (though these are wonderful treats to indulge in when you can). I'm talking about the basics. Getting good sleep, good nutrition, and exercise --these are the foundations of a healthy, happy physical existence. This is part of the discipline of the Self. Doing the right thing for our body, so that we can be sure that our CPU functions at optimum levels.  You will find that you improve your relationships with others too when you start improving yourself

What is an ISBE?

This is where we can set our internal program to be our own best friend. We are Immortal Spirituals Being Human – ISBEs, if you will. An ISBE can instruct the body, animate the body and train the body. Just think of any athlete, yogi, or other mind-body disciplines. This is the operative word, discipline. This is where we can set our internal program to be our own best friend.

When we train ourselves and discipline our body and our mind, we are also fine-tuning the instrument we have been given to navigate this particular existence. To discipline ourselves is not a punishment, it is training. Development of character and ethics are a natural side effect. This is why many martial artists are super balanced and seem to be so calm. They are in a state of flow that is created by self-discipline and self-respect. They are in a position to help others because they are in a state of constant readiness-at-rest. We are all able to train and become more disciplined if we learn to look at it as a blessing and not as a negative.

The Secret to Happiness!

Set a good routine, apply it, and stick to it, for at least three months and your life will change for the better. Being disciplined helps to decrease anxiety – we gain confidence and learn to have trust and faith in ourselves and our ability to deal with life and things that arise within that life. This allows us to rely on ourselves, creating a bond that is very much like being one’s own best friend. The happiest people are those who have figured out the secret of living happily in one’s own skin.

So many times, the answer is within us, and we encourage many of our clients to take up a mind-body discipline for this very reason. It opens us up to the most sacred thing of all, a good relationship with the Self.

Much love to you all,


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Rowan has over 30 years of experience in the study of the hermetic sciences. She is a professional intuitive, certified hypnotherapist, ordained minister, and energy worker. She specializes in walking others through their darkness, sharing her candle's flame.


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