Are You Still Haunted by Childhood Trauma?

Published Date 11/25/2014
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Talking to a phone psychic can help with working through childhood trauma.

Children are naturally more susceptible to trauma than adults. They are emotionally vulnerable and don't have the skills to cope with things like accidents, abuse, and traumatic separation from loved ones, whether by death or other events. This trauma can stay with children and continue to haunt them as adults. Here are signs that childhood trauma is still haunting you.

Suppressed Traumatic Memories

When it comes to recovering from childhood trauma, you have to accept and own your experiences. Many people who go through trauma spend their lives pushing away those experiences and mentally telling themselves that it didn't happen or that what happened was insignificant. By doing so, they suppress their memories and are never able to fully deal with and move past these experiences.

Addictive Behaviors

Many people who dealt with childhood abuse or neglect end up with addictions as adults. If you have a substance abuse issue or other addictive behaviors, it may not be clear that childhood trauma is the cause because of suppressed memories. Asking family members about what happened is one way to access those memories. Another may be a live psychic reading. A psychic can help you access your subconscious, so you can deal with that trauma.

Inability to Deal with Conflict

Verbal and physical abuse as a child can lead to conflict resolution issues as adults. For example, a child who was beaten by his father and told constantly that he was lazy, a loser, and worthless, may grow into a troubled adult who remains anti-social and unable to deal with any conflict whatsoever. Because of this lack of ability, he gets angry easily and verbally attacks others who don't meet his expectations, as a way to feel strong and in control.

Separation Anxiety

Children who are separated by family at a young age, such as a parent leaving them or dying, can later have problems with separation as an adult. Even simple situations, such as taking a child to school can cause major emotional reactions. A psychic phone call is one way to see if a traumatic childhood experience is causing the anxiety.

Negative Thoughts

Childhood trauma can lead you to change your thought patterns towards the negative. Those dealing with trauma often deal with suicidal thoughts and innate thoughts that they are worthless and are bad people. Black and white thinking is very common, and basically means that you believe everything is either good or bad. There's no in between. These thought patterns can lead to relationship problems.

Problems Connecting With Others

Those with deep-seated trauma can have a hard time creating lasting relationships. Often, this leads to short but intense relationships or a complete lack of relationships. Trauma victims often pigeonhole themselves into roles of either the aggressor or the victim in these relationships.

If you can identify yourselves with any of these symptoms, you may have unresolved childhood trauma. By discovering that trauma, owning it, and finding ways to move past it, you can heal your soul and your relationships.


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