Anxiety First Aid by Psychic Rachelle

Published Date 8/11/2020
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Looking for relief when anxiety strikes? Psychic Rachel explains her S.A.F.E. tools to help you during anxious moments.

Anxiety is familiar to us all.  All people struggle with the experience of anxiety to some degree and extent because uncertainty is what lies under the surface. Uncertainty is part of life.  It is the nature of reality and human existence.  But we don't have to suffer and allow it to control our minds and emotional well being.  We can change our perceptions, and beliefs and in doing so we transform our experience of life.  It is not what we see that matters so much, but how we choose to interpret and what meaning we bring to our life circumstances that will either bring anxiety or peace.

When anxiety hits, our first reaction is to flee or freeze in our fears and insecurities.  This is part of our natural primal response when we get scared. So the first step is to know yourself and to start getting in touch with YOU.  When anxiety comes on, ask yourself what am I feeling? Where in my body am I feeling it? Is it constriction, is my breathing affected or is my stomach in knots and pain?  Now you know for the next time, and you then can respond instead of react to your anxiety by running away from it or numbing out with substances, TV, social media and so on.  

In this podcast I explain 5 powerful tools you can practice every day to address your anxiety, find a way to regain your center and know your power to be at peace and harmony even when life feels and appears to be uncertain and “crazy”.  We have already touched upon one, and that is asking questions to become aware.  You will also learn how to stop and breath, and feel into your experience without getting overwhelmed and lost in the somatic or bodily experience of stress and anxiety. Once you have mastered those, you can begin to envision a new way of being  and see a different scene or story play out for your life.  The power of a daily visualization practice can't be stressed enough.  What you see in your mind's eye will manifest. The mind does not know which image is real or imagined.  It is all truth to the mind if you see it and believe it.

You are not alone in your experience of anxiety and uncertainty. These 5 tools outlined in this podcast, can become part of your daily life and will thus transform your inability to handle stress, to empowering you to cope with what comes your way with strength and resiliency.   Also never forget about the Angelic Realms.  The Archangels are powerful Light Beings that are always ready to help and guide you. They first need your permission and willingness to change, grow and receive their help. Archangel Michael is one of the most appropriate guardians for these stressful and uncertain times of crisis and transformation. Call upon him, give him permission and he will help protect you from negative limiting beliefs and also break the obstacles that surround you.  He is very powerful and with your willingness to change, he will show you the steps to take to come through the other side of anxiety, much stronger and happier in your life.  I wish you many blessings of peace, harmony and love. For an in depth reading about your personal concerns in love, relationships, career, work or money, please call or book a reading with me today. 

All the best in love and light, 
Rachelle x 9814 
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