7 Tips for Restful Sleep Through Energy Healing and Self-Care by Psychic Sapphire

Date 11/13/2023
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Try some energy healing for a good night's sleep.

Try some energy healing for a good night's sleep.

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It’s not easy to sleep with a mind full of worry. After several sleepless nights, confusion, doubt and anxiety sink in. When it’s hard to think straight, we question ourselves and small tasks seem like epic chores.

Everyone worries in their own unique way but if it’s causing restless sleep, try some energy healing and self-care for a little relief.

Here are a few holistic sleep tips:

1. Give yourself a date with worry. Set aside one hour a day. Once the hour is up, put the worries aside. This is like hitting the pause button on your busy mind. If you’re tempted to brood, remind yourself worry has another date with you tomorrow.

2. Take a break. Stress relief bedtime routines should include a distinct transition from your busy daytime routine to wind down completely. At least 2-4 hours before bedtime avoid stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, suspenseful TV shows, or movies. Ramping up on stimulants affects your adrenal glands. Adrenaline keeps your body on high alert. It eventually crashes, and you’re left feeling drained. Remember, you’re not giving up these little indulgences forever. Just taking a hiatus until sleep improves.

3. The power of crystals. Try a little crystal healing to improve your sleep quality. Place a crystal under your pillow or on the nightstand. Darker gemstones such as hematite, amethyst, or black tourmaline help clear the mind of mental clutter. They also calm the energy of the room. Hold the crystal in your hand before sleep. Focus your intention. Send loving peaceful vibes to your crystal. Allow this soothing energy to fill your sleep area.

4. Cut down on clutter. Keep the bedroom inspiring yet clutter-free. Create a space that’s warm and nurturing. Calming scents, relaxing colors, and comfy bedding.

5. Consider herbal supplements for stress-related sleep issues. Magnesium, Chamomile, or Ashwagandha are popular choices. Ask your Pharmacist or Naturopath to recommend the best sleepy-time herbs for your age and lifestyle.

6. Serenading your spirit into sleep. Try relaxing sounds before bed. Ocean waves, rainfall, or soft chimes help settle your energy. Ease your body into relaxation mode. Look into podcasts or sleep apps specifically created to give you a better night's sleep.

7. Positive affirmations for stress-free sleep. Practice a sleep mantra or affirmation. Repeat silently until you feel sleepy. If worries try to sneak in, thank them for visiting. Then gently replace them with your mantra. Try phrases such as:

“All is well”

“I can relax and let go”

“What I’m seeking is also seeking me”

“Everything I need flows to me with love”

While everyone experiences a sleepless night or two, chronic insomnia may require a visit to your health practitioner. A medical professional can test for any underlying health issues that may affect your sleep.

Part of energy healing is attending to the physical body as well as your emotional and spiritual body. Give these holistic sleep strategies a try so that all aspects of your beautiful being get the love and support you deserve.

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